Blower Vac won't start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Doc.Doug, Nov 11, 2004.

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    I have a four year old Craftsman 25cc blower. I have always used good gas/oil mixture and oiled the cylinder during the off season.

    The other day, I was blowing leaves and noticed that the engine had a different tone. I attempted to shut the engine off with the off switch (ignition kill) and it kept running. The engine eventually stalled and could not be started. I changed the spark plug, confirmed that it has a STRONG BLUE spark and again attempted to start the unit with no luck. I checked the fuel filter and removed it and it still would not start.

    I can get the unit running by pouring a little oil/gas mixture into the carburetor and it runs good until I idle the unit down and it stalls. The carburetor is a Walbro 229.

    I also removed the muffler and removed the very little carbon in the exhaust. Still... no change. Finally, I removed the mixture screw and clean out the passage with carb cleaner... no change.

    I am going to replace the carb to cylinder gasket, all gaskets in the carb and try this. Any other suggestions? :dizzy:

    Thank you.
  2. Doc.Doug

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    Thanks for everyone that responded... NOT

    The problem was one of the four bolts that attached the cylinder to the crankcase was loose.

    Strange, after five years, this bolt came loose all of a sudden. (This explains the sudden change in engine tone.)

    I replaced all gaskets at the crankcase along with the crankshaft seal. I left the carb alone, since I identified the problem with the bolt.

    For $10.00, It runs GREAT! Maybe, another five years!
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    You're welcome.

    Actually, I had thought about posting, but I figured I'd wait until somebody told you it was a piece of home owner "junk" and that is the reason it was messed up, but since nobody said that by the time you replied to yourself.. I didn't get a chance to post a reply.
  4. Doc.Doug

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    Paid $100.00 five years ago.

    Put $10.00 into it five years later.

    I agree, it is junk but for what I paid... GREAT VALUE!!! :drinkup:

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