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I saw the post about the Echo blowers. It just got me to thinking about the issues we are facing here in California. The issues of noise complaints in regards to the use of blowers in the city limits. There has been a trend of banning blowers, both commercial and residential uses.<p>Just to name a couple places where blowers have been banned California.<p>The City & County of Los Angles tried to do a ban 2 years ago. They tried to do a ban on any blowers used by both commercial and residential users in city limits. It was ok though for both city and county crews to use blowers. Why? It would take to much manual labor, cost too much money to clean by rakes and brooms. Echo and Shindaiwa sued. The courts threw out this ordinance without even holding a trail.<p>City of Santa Barbara, City of Palo Alto. City of Beverly Hills, all have bans on blowers. To get around these bans, most people have converted their blowers either to vacuums or have put the blowers on wheels. Why, because every city has used one or another’s wording in their ordinances. They all specifically state BACKPACK blowers. Other cities have just restricted the hours that you can operate your blowers or put decibel restrictions.<p>I’ve noticed that most of the people that post to this board are from the central to east coast part of this country. Just would like to here of problems that pro’s have with blowers in regards to ban in other parts of the country.<br><p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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Hi gus nice to hear from a fellow californian...I live in one of those cities you mentioned in so cal and still use a gas blower...i just keep the throttle low and usually blow fast so no one says anything. My residential customers dont say anything its usually people who are walking their dogs, elderly, i usally keep an out on people who are walking close by and avoid them so that they wont say anything, never gotten a complaint just dirty looks...later

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