Blowers, cfm or mph???

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I am interested in getting another more powerful blower and was wondering what I should look for, cfm or mph. Of all the brands I have looked at, some have a lot of cfm but little mph and others a lot of mph but lower cfm. I will be using it to blow off sidewalks and for leaves.:confused:


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Cubic Feet per Minute is the volume of air moved, while Miles Per Hour is the speed at which it is moved. I like the Echo 650 BP. For example, a handheld 'could' have the same MPH rating as a BP, but the BP will have a higher CFM rating because it has a bigger fan.
When you compare, just be aware where they measure the air speed, is it at the tip, or out of the housing. Just compare apples to apples.


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cfm is what moves leaves and debris rather than mph. think about this....a push blower is much more powerful (more cfm, less mph) and able to move more leaves than a backpack (less cfm, more mph). you will need to find a happy medium between the two.
next time you go to Sears, Home Depot, lawn equip dealer, etc. look at the specs on backpacks. find two that have the same mph but different cfm. the one with more cfm is more expensive but will do the same job in less time than the lower cfm.
remember, time is $$$$$$ :D


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You need both, one without the other is worthless.
Want proof, an ordinary box window fan can easily move 800 cfm of air.
an air hose nozzle with a 1/16 orifice can easily exceed 300 mph with 175 psi air.
How fast could you clear a lawn of leaves with either one ??

Its like asking which is more important torque or rpm, one without the other is meaningless,
multiply the 2 together and you get horsepower and that is what you are really looking for.

This is a great site by the way.


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Very well put.

We just switched from running 2 Stihl BR400's to 2 Redmax EB7001's.

The Redmax is rated at 4.75 HP, Stihl 3.35 HP. That's 40% more power and it shows. We blast leaves away where we used to vacuum them with a Trac-Vac.

Redmax: 204 MPH & 730 cfm at the tube.
Stihl: 172 MPH & 518 cfm at the tube.

Most of all, look for quality. The Redmax uses a Zenoah engine. Zenoah is the only engine allowed for competition in the Giant Scale class at sanctioned Radio Control airshows (model airplanes that cost as much as a new truck, and flying over humans at 150 MPH!!!).



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Echos' PB650 is the way to go they have the most cfm opposed to redmax and stihl. you will be happy with your choice i bought mine for $550

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The speed of the air is a function of the tube design. The more you reduce the cross sectional area of the tube the faster the air will move. This is why those cheap hand held blowers reduce the tip down like an oval at the bottom. They try to trick the consumer to look at air speed when it is mostly a function of cfm. All blowers have a tube of relatively the same size so the air speed will mean nothing.


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Take any blower out on a windy day. A 200 mph blower can't compete a 10 mph breeze. As said before, one without the other is useless. Just don't let a smooth talking idiot try to sell you on mph alone. An air hose on a compressor puts out very fast air but isn't worth nickel for moving leaves.

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