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    i got a echo srm 3100 in good condition. Still has the felt on the muffler. I got it from a landscpaer. He closed his garage door on his open trailer and it snapped the shaft on the weed wacker. I had an extra shaft so i put it on. The trimmer works well. Barley used.
    I also got a pb-410 for sale. Could use a carb rebuild. Runs but when put at full throttle it doesn;t run at WOT. I also have an extra "parts" blower that i would include with the sale.
    I also have a pb-1000 that i got from a small LCO, he maybe does 15 accounts. It was my friends father's blower. I got it put new rings and a piston in and a new head gasket and plug.Dealer ripped me off and charged me $45 for the piston and rings alone.:hammerhead:. Blower runs good, nevera use it cuz i don;t have the need.
    I have a power trim edger model 200. It has a 2hp briggs. Everything is in working condition and works well. I bought it used and fixed it up. I thought i would use it more than i did. Sorta bought it just to have. I didn;t even use it all season, i tried it out after i fixed it. Could use a new belt.

    Everything is best offer. It has been sitting around in the garage and i have to make room for my 36" scags i got:cool2: so some of this stuff has to go. LawnInOrder
  2. LawnInOrder

    LawnInOrder LawnSite Senior Member
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    bump to the top
    I also have a kawi 12.5 hp motor missing the recoil starter assembly. Needs Rings but everythign else good. I need to sell these thinsg cuz i bought a truck. make me an offer. LawnInOrder
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    what do you want for the trimmer... would you ship it???
  4. LawnInOrder

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    i am willing to ship at the buyers expsense. I was looking for around $175, but give me an offer i can;t refuse. I will try and get sum pictures. LawnInOrder

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