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I do a little over 30 jobs a day and use the best, (sometimes most expensive) equipment suitable for the job.

--Don't blow your workweek using inferior equipment.

It's really a choice about TIME or MONEY. Always choose time. Anybody can make money, nobody can make time.


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As Lazer stated anyone can make money but nobody can make time.You get out of it what you put into it. I still have the same blower I started with 10 plus yrs. ago and still use it everyday.I wouldn't buy a cheap blower most of them willn't last a year doing heavy work.


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I have two echo eb 460's and recently bought two Shindaiwa 640,s(about 400$ at now have two perfectly good echo boat anchors! The Shindaiwas are so much better the boys are avoiding the echos like a haitian hooker. Go for the goods and you wont be sorry.


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I've finally narrowed my purchasing power down to two blowers, the Stihl BG 85 or the Stihl BR 320. I want the 320 so d@mn bad but dad says "that's alot of money, no!". I say "productivity". I thought about what you guys said about having a backpack to do leaves and tried to use that for persuasion. It obviously didn't work. I think he'll let me buy a hand held, so I'm looking at the biggest one they make (why not, still is alot cheaper than the backpack), the BG 85. Is 183 Air Velocity too much? Do you need that much? I asked the dealer why backpacks were so much more than handhelds when on the BR 320 it only has 162 mph and the BG 85 has 183. He said that the volume was more on backpacks, making that the main reason why they were more. Would the BG 85 handheld work for leaves? Does anyone own one and have any regrets? I heard they were new and wasn't sure how great they were. Any info greatly appreciated.

gene gls

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I would not own a back-pack blower. I use Echo PB 210E hand held blower, its well balanced and easy to hold. Much easyer to handle for walks and bushes.On large open areas I use an 8HP Giant Vac push blower.


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I have a pb210.... I hardly use it. I keep it as a spair. I have a echo 60ht backpack i mostly use. I use it to blow off walks and drives when i mow and beds when im doing leaves. my 8hp little wander is used to blow the main part of the yard. A handheld is fine for blowing walks but just will not cut it for leaves!


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Get the backpack blower. Compaired to a handheld ,it's like going from a 21" to a rider!


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skag--repeat after me...&quot;my parents are not scrubs!&quot; say it again....!<p>now talk them into scraping that br 320 and go for the BR-400! I've never used the 320 but I own the 400!!! it rules!<p>trust me grasshopper...bigger is better...!<p>good luck!<p>GEO