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Lawnsite Addict
Some villages in my area are resricting the use of blowers. Also some other 2 cycle equipment. Does anyone else have this problem?<p>----------<br>paul<br>
Hey paul We have hit same problem some towns only allow the use of push blowers. Or have tighten up on the times you can use the machines. Makeing it harder to make a living since they dont want to hear the noise. But the same as--oles that are complaining about the noise will complain when their price for services goes up. I had guy I grew up with his dad did work in NorthShore of Chicago the richyy poeple the towns had so many complainits about noise being heard for blocks around that they banned all blowers but push blowers and you can'nt have it more then 1/2 throttle. He raise his rates to make up for the lost time and they went nuts they pay it but all had a hard time seeing how that made a differnce in his day. Same old problem to much money and to much free time to spend bit--ing about stuff.