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  1. unkownfl

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    What blowers are people using for regular residential maintenance. I would never use this for big properties or leaves. I've been using the big Shindaiwa and Br600's but I find them so hard on fuel. I use my little trusty Husqvarna bt150 when I blow but the helpers use the big ones. Also, is anyone using a handheld with the backpack? I was looking at the Husqvarna bt125 or Stihl bg86. It's been windy so having two I think would be beneficial.
  2. I have redmax 7100 and 8150 or something like that. Honestly, I'm not trying to save on fuel, I'm trying to get everything blown off as fast as possible.
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  3. billslawn89

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    I use the Stihl BG86. Does good on leaves for me but keep saying every year about buying a backpack for the leaves.
  4. unkownfl

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    The yards I service are so small and I've timed out both blowers on the same yards and it's not even a difference worth mentioning if any. I think you just feel like you're going faster with the big blowers. Either way the fuel isn't much to complain about more of just an annoyance than cost issue.
  5. I understand if you have small yards. I have 3 that are .86-.92 acres with long driveways and big areas. A handheld blower on a windy day would be futile. Even on a calm day it would take way longer.
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  6. unkownfl

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    Yea I would always use the back pack but add a hand held in my left hand to help direct it on windy days.

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  8. Keith

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    Been a long time since I have owned a handheld, but I have thought about buying one recently.

    The best handheld I ever owned, back in the day, was a Toro. The thing wasn't but about 7 lbs and had enough power. I have no idea who was making Toro's stuff back then. Maybe Robin, but I'm sure it predated the Maruyama era.
  9. Landscape Poet

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    I used one of these for about a year straight when I first started out down here. The smaller handhelds do a fine job overall on the smaller properties.....the issue I had with it was after a long right arm felt like it had been at war.

    A couple of other issues. It seemed real moody. One time it would start on the first pull, other times after cranking my shoulder out it would finally fire up.

    Last issue with them. If you have lawns with deep/tall edges on the sidewalk...these little guys seem to lack the little extra ump to get those clippings over the edge with ease. It will do it, but on a long summers day it seems like it takes forever at times to get it done.
  10. billslawn89

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    LOL, seems like the last couple of days this has been happening. Starts up fine when cold, but after using it awhile or just sitting in the back of the truck in the hot sun, hard to start, same with the string trimmer fs90r..both bought new last year. strange.

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