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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. I have sevral Turf Tracer 52" 22 and 23 hp

    I have a bought a new one this year and it keeps blowing a fuse that turns on the blades, the same fuse also charges the batt. I persume since it gives me a dead batt. and that's when I notice that it's blown. This is the 5th time it has done it, but I cought it before it cost me another batt.

    Took it to the dealer the last time #4 and they couldn't find any thing and I specified that it had done it 3 times before. So they charged me with a $128 bill. Then I asked why it has been doing it. They claim that it does this because it got into heavy grass and put to much load on it. I have been thinking about this for many weeks and it did it again this week.

    1: mower hasn't cut tall, thick, or heavy grass since June.

    2: Have 2 others that never have had that problem nor blown a fuse.

    3: killed every mower I have cutting grass at one time or another.

    4: if it was caused by that don't you think it would do it when I was in that kind of grass. And I have dropped the deck and put it though it's paces to get it to do it and no such luck.

    5: did it this week and was just cleaning up after we picked up leaves.

    6: have a Lazer and never did it with that or any other mower I have had with the electric blade clutch.

    So if you can guess the reason I am writing this is, I think the dealer is full of crap!

    Also I have searched Lawn Site and never heard of the problem coming up before, and with over 5000 members and I figure that 1/4 of them have an elctric blade clutch on their mower and none have had that problem.

    So Dustin tell me what you think?
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    Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately, I'm no electrical expert, so I asked the Exmark Customer Service electrical guru, Tim Fugett, about your problems. He believes that you have a Kohler stater fuse short (You do have a 23-hp KOHLER engine, right?). The stater fuse is a little more difficult to check for, because if you check the stater fuse without the unit running, it will usually test out fine. The stater fuse short normally occurs when the unit is under load or the engine is running. This is probably why the fuse that you are describing blows when you go to engage the blades. There may be something else going on, but this is his "gut instinct."

    I'm not going to attempt to tell you how to check to make 100 percent sure that this is your problem, and I'm definitely not going to tell you how to change the stater fuse. What I am going to do is give you the Customer Service Group Number - 402/223-6375. Call this number and ask for Tim. He can talk you through this and make sure that this is your problem. Please do not create another post, because Tim does not read the posts. Tim can be a hard guy to get a hold of, but be patient, leave him a message, and he'll return your call.

    Hope this helps,

    Exmark Customer Support
  3. Dustin thanx for the responce, and Tim did get the problem solved. 100% right on the money. Now I will have some fun and getting my dealer to fix it correctly and credit me the money I paid for them not fixing it.

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