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  1. richard2

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    with fall on it\'s way i thought i might ask what everyone\'s opinion on airstream pushed debris and city buses is? what\'s acceptable?
  2. Scraper

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    blowing it all in the street and letting the passing cars blow it into the neighbor's lawn? If so, not good business. Not to mention cars/buses going the opposite direction will blow it back in your customer's lawn.
  3. thelawnguy

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    Dont be a Scrub.

    Its stuff like that which gives the rest of us a bad name.

    Good thing they saved your seat at the spice factory.

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  4. bob

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    When I do leaves, I include the curb in front of the customers house.
  5. Rufur

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    what do you guys do about secondary leaves sometimes I feel very frustrated having to blow grass and leaves back up on the lawn afterwards ruins the finish also what do you guys do about sec leaves in bed my help blows it back out on the grass along with clippings just hate to bring the blower out first thing and then last again how do you all do it
  6. richard2

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    you grow it i mow it 'cause it really don't take any formal mow and try to build my self esteem via the web....bill learn to smile and are a liar if you claim to have never kicked a dirt pile under a city bus in your life! also, this feild isn't rocket's a pretty silly way to earn a livin'....imagine if we put all this energy and fert into growing food for people in 3rd world nations? i guess i'll let you drink beer and ride on your mow cause you can't grow!ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
  7. TGCummings

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    Scraper, Lawnguy:

    What do you suggest as an alternative? I used to sweep the streets for my customers at no extra cost (very early on), but that was too time-consuming and therefore expensive. I've offered street-cleaning as additional service but got no nibbles, and was told by many customers they don't care about the streets, just so the lawn looks good.

    So, I'm left with blowing the stuff to the gutter and leaving it, or out to the street and letting Mother Nature take it's course.

    Your suggestions?

  8. curlawngreen

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    Have you ever heard the term "CURB APPEAL" ?
  9. Scraper

    Scraper LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I assume you are talking about grass clippings and not tons of leaves. We blow clippings and the like back up onto the lawn when we are finished. If you are talking about a lot (which there shouldn't be if you mow two strips facing in) then pick up the bulk of it and blow the little scraps left back onto lawn. This is all included in basic service. Might want to take another look at your pricing schedule if you don't think you're getting enough $$$ as it is.

    If you are talking leaves, then that's priced in with fall cleanup. If it is still early in the leaf drop season when I'm still mulching the early falling leaves, I will usually blow all the leaves along the curbside up on to the lawn prior to mowing. Takes a little extra time, but not enough to be a big deal.

  10. gusbuster

    gusbuster LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If I notice any amount of leaves, I always blow into the lawn first and let the machine either mulch it or bag it. Saves a lot of time when finishing up a client plus it looks better. As for blowin stuff in the street, just depends on the weather and how much debris I have made. If a lot, blow it into a pile and pick up. If not too much, blow into the curb and let the wind deal with it. One of the nice things about living close to an ocean, always have some sort of breeze. I try to never leave an obvious sign that I threw the debris into the street. Looks like crap. Black top and green grass, can see from the other end of the street\block. Plus, do it often enough, you will get a little letter from the city stating that your debris is clogging the sewer grates, bla, bla isn't that why I pay taxes and a business license so the city can run a street sweeper once a week?:confused:

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