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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landscape89, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Landscape89

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    Hello again everyone! :waving:

    Usually while I am mowing lawns I try to think of ways to make the job go by faster.. likewise still doing quality work. The past couple of days with all the leaves that have fallen on the driveways and walks I tried blowing them on the lawn and then going over it with the mower. This is such a time saver and still makes the landscape look great when I am done. Does anyone else do this?
  2. Richard Martin

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    Yup. When you have Dogwood, River Birch, Poplar and Sweet Gum around you will be cleaning up leaves the entire year.
  3. Roger

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    Yes ... with the hot, dry spell we have experienced over the past few weeks, some of the trees have lost many leaves. I have several places that I blow before mowing to get the leaves onto the turf before mowing. Either they are mulched up, or bagged, so the job result is good. Waiting until after mowing to blow the drive/walk, leaving all the leaves on the freshly mowed turf looks like I was never there. And, yes, I blow after mowing too to clean it all up.

    The offending trees in July/August are wild cherry. But, they don't all exhibit the same pattern, just on some properties -- never understand that.
  4. bobbygedd

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    it's called a cleanup. charge accordingly
  5. shepoutside

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    When I had accounts like that, I use to trim, then blow everything on to the lawn, and as I ran Walkers, I'd then vac everything up :) Always a manicured look.
  6. Precision

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    You are preaching to the deaf.
  7. yardmonkey

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    Any time there is a lot of debris on the curb or driveway, such as leaves or grass from edging, I blow it onto the lawn before mowing. I also blow clippings back onto lawn after mowing. Yeah - it looks terrible to blow a bunch of leaves onto a freshly mowed lawn.
  8. burns60

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    For sure, that way you get'em all before you mow. One thing might even make it faster for you. Most of the time on my accounts I can blow these leaves from the driveway and edge of street with the Exmark and then just go right on with your mowing. This is faster than getting the blower out. Then when you are through you can fine tune with the blower.
  9. south jerz

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    I see all this agreement on the issue but no one has mentioned how much extra they charge for blowing the leaves. I don't care if it looks nicer, the customer is paying me for a nice-looking mow-trim-blow only. Taking out the blower and doing a free cleanup every time kills your efficiency. Same goes for driveways and walkways: if it's not grass or debris from the mow/trim, it's not getting blown. I should note that I do have a really powerful blower, so when I blow grass occasionally other stuff gets blown incidentally. This a-hole old guy I have kept telling me "his last guy used to blow the leaves on the lawn before he cut it." I said we can do an all-out fall cleanup later, or we could charge $10 extra a week to blow leaves first. I knew 10 was too much (very small yard) and that's why I said it because I knew he wouldn't take it. What I also have done many times is just say that I will blow the leaves before I mow and then never actually do it, no matter how many times I say I will. 95% of customers don't bother asking again and stay with my company. If they drop us, oh well. No point in saying a blunt no when an insincere yes is more likely to keep the customers around. Special requests are business killers. It's easy for you to write it down and remember it, but how about your workers? If you expect them to remember every customer's special chore and do a quality, efficient job then I think you are asking too much. Remember, the best workers start their own companies.
  10. r8derman

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    Some customers think they are the only people you work for and couldn't imagine doing as much work in a day as most of us probably do. I've found out for those types it's much easier to "SAY YOU DID AND DON'T). Like the idiots who want to cut bermuda every 2 weeks, even though they are fertilizing, and tell you the next week to cut it shorter. I just say OK and cut it the same as the week before. Trust me, they don't know the difference.

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