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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by 4x4_Hunter, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I have my entire personal house landscaped with lights in front and back. I can remember the exact brand of lighting but I got them from Sam's Club about 3 years ago. I beleive the name starts with an "L". Anyway, each package came with a photo-eye sensor transformer that automatically turns the lights on at dusk and back off in the morning. Now, in the front, I had a lot more lights than the transformer could handle so I decided to purchase a larger transformer from Lowes for the front. The lights aren't quite as bright but they are fine and no bulbs get blown in the front. Now, in the back, I have 3 different locations with 3 separate photo-eye transformers. All three areas have blown every bulb. It doesn't happen all at once but over time. Thing is, I don't have even close to the maximum wattage for each transformer. Also, the transformers have fuses that are fine but the bulbs are blowing. This is a 12V system and 10 watt lights. Any ideas.
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    The system is 12 volt but are the bulbs? If the bulbs are rated for 12 volts and the transformer is 12 volts you could have just got a hold of some bad bulbs, it happens. Re-check the voltage on the transformer and the rating on the bulbs. Get a test meter and with the bulbs hooked up check the voltage. If you unhook the bulbs and check voltage you may get a higher than nominal reading.

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