blowing leaves in snow

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SimonCX, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. SimonCX

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    I though I've seen some stupid people but this tops most. Today coming back form the store I saw a company blowing leaves, keep in mind there is about .5-.75 inches of snow on the grass from last night. I think some people are just brain dead.
  2. Jason Rose

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    You do what you have to do sometimes... Iv'e mowed and cleaned up leaves in the snow before too. Granted I'm not going out AFTER the snowfall to do this, but if I got caught in it I try to finish up. Im sure people that see anyone doing this have to assume that the person is a few bricks shy of a load, lol!
  3. Breezmeister

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    Yesterday, the guys in our complex where putting on there salt spreader for last night and this morning. I know they where out at 4 am this morning, but now they are taking the salt spreaders off today and will be going out tomorrow for leaves, snow or not....we got maybe 1 to 2 inches here in South Jersey.....Got to make the money to pay for their new Salty Dog.
  4. lawnguyland

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    I was out there myself this morning and just raked/tarped any big piles from recent winds so I'll have less to do next time. No more of that though- I actually used a blower too for a short while again just to get the bulk into the street for the town to pick up. I came in to stay in at lunch so I'm only half brain dead.
  5. supercuts

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    how is making a living brain dead?? some are under seasonal contracts, if they can get some done and go back and finish up later, they are that much better off. i dont like to work like that but have. mostly because people call and want them done. it keeps the guys busy.
  6. SimonCX

    SimonCX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Say what you want, but doing leaves when you can't see the grass or leaves because of snow you are crazy and seem desperate. I was finishing in the snow yesterday also but that was because we started it wasn't snowing and the last 30 mins it started and we wanted to finish the last property. I could careless about just keeping guys busy for one day, in 1 day the snow will be gone and they will have enough work. No wonder most people think of landscapers as idiots, with these kind of companies I'm thinking the same thing about some guys. In the years I've been doing this I have not met a client who calls why your not doing fall cleanup in the snow and probably never will.
  7. lawnguyland

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    I see your point, but in my case the faster I get done the faster I'm done, Get it?

    RICHIE K LawnSite Senior Member
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  9. SimonCX

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    I'm in bordentown.
  10. EJD Lawnpride

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    I'm going to wait one more day to see if the snow completely melts. it does seem crazy to try to pick up leaves when snow is still on ground.

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