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I get way creative keeping the clippings off the pavement in the first place,
how the mower is turned makes a difference, turning the rpm's down helps, too.

I hate it, too, nicely mulched beds are the worst. :cry:

If you are talking about using a backpack blower to do your blowing then I will share something with you. Every yard I blow off I use a BR 600 and a BG 85 handheld in my left hand. When you blow the cracks or edges out, the clippings that are making there way back toward you are what the hanheld is for.
LOL that's me, br-600 + bg-55 (or 85, I have both).
Thou I only use it that way for leaves, but you are right the method rules.
I've discussed it on here many times, always wondered, like yourself,
why more folks don't do this (thou it is hard at first but once you get used to it).

it is just a pain.
Yes, some days that's all it is :p
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