Blown engine, Bought new, what to do w/ old mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WVDpoker, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I bought a used ferris is1000z 1200 hours kawa 23hp for $2900 in April
    I have about 1700 in parts and labor into it

    With a weeks worth of cleanups left the crankshaft became detatched, oil everywhere, mechanic says parts will cost close to new engine

    I have a toro dealer will sell me a 2008 26hp kohler Z550 Z master 52in turbo force deck for $7500 plus tax, over a $1000 less than spring, It's not a G3 but the dealer is leary of the new design and says the turbo force cuts great

    Now what should I do wih the ferris, try to sell it with a blown engine, find a new engine, and keep as a backup, I do have $4400 into it, should I put another grand in for an engine or try to get $2000ish for it? The ferris has two new tires, one new hydro pump, new deck belt.

    By the way-what was I thinking buying used?

    Thanks for the advice
  2. DT Lawn Care

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    Don't judge all used mowers because you got a dog. We bought 4 WBs last year, one went bad, but we had basically stolen it for the price. Other than that one, we saved about 75% off of the new price on the 3 mowers. Everything is running great at the moment, except for the bad one, need a new motor, we could have it going right now if we were motivated. I would say buy used for sure, just make sure you do your research on the mower first and buy with low hours.
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    My $@$#@# keyboard keeps screwing up so I'll make it brief.

    Your machine was long in the tooth when you got it and in the future my advice would be to consider slightly used mowers, not ones this used up. Yours was just at the point things were starting to fail. Which is probably why the first owner sold it. There are mowers availble for thousands off new at season-end, usually by failed operations looking to get out.

    Your dealer may have his own agenda to move a leftover unit, though he may be sincere about his concerns over a brand new design. So make your own decision as to which is best. He might have a factory incentive or something that means he will make more on the leftover model. Also remember the leftover machine will be worth a little less than the newer one in a few years when you sell it. But, if the new model is a marketplace failure (sometimes they are) the older model could be worth more. There is something to be said for a tried/tested older model.

    I think the new engine might be more like $1200-$1500 installed, depending on the specifics. Still, you have a parts machine now not worth much. If it is otherwise sound, I might just replace the engine and have a backup machine or more sellable used unit. It would depend on the specifics of what you could get for it in non-operating condition. If you needed/wanted a backup machine anyway I would probably go that route. Just do the math and see what makes the most sense.

    btw, I've done pretty well buying some used and some new machines. Bought a wb for $500 in 2003. Still runs. Had to immediately spend $400 on it. Worth about $700 now cleaned up and running well. I'm ok with $200 to use a machine for 5 years. Bought another for $1000 years back. Sold it after 4 years full-time use for $1200 and actually made a profit! No problems with it. Bought another hydro that had a bad hydro and I fixed it and resold it for a $400 loss within a few months. So I lost out there. Bought a $4600 wb barely used for $2500 recently. So far no problems. My lazer hp was purchased new for $7200 and is probably worth $3800 5 1/2 years later. Held its value well. Other ZTR worth $6200 new was bought for $4500 with just 50 demo hours. Zero problems 3 years later.

    Win some, lose some.

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  4. SunState Lawn Care inc

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    Buying used was smart know what your looking at though when buying used. I would spend 1500-2000 on a new motor instead of 7000 on a new mower. Put the rest in your pocket for a rainy day.
  5. topsites

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    1. To the thread starter's credit it's not a motor, it's an engine.

    2. How about sticking a new engine on that used mower?
    Unless you think it's going to keep giving you trouble...
    That's the defining factor of the choice imo

    I also like the idea of buying that other machine, then sticking a new engine on the used one and keeping it as backup.
    It's not that big of a deal, probably half of my machines I bought used, yes, sometimes one blows an engine, it happens.

    I've got machines I've rebuilt two and three times over, it about drives me crazy some years but then other times it runs forever.
    Half the time when one craps out good it "sits" for a while, until I come up with the money, the parts, and the mood to deal with it.

    Just now getting done rebuilding a transmission (that broke like 2 years ago lol).
    It happens, but if nothing else I ALWAYS keep it for parts!
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