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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Andyinchville, Oct 31, 2006.

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    HI All,

    AARG....been in business since 1994 and despite constant usage (Min of 7 hrs per day at least 5 days/ week), I have never had either a Kohler 15 Command or
    Kawasaki FC 420 V quit on me from just wearing out....BOTH times (and one just today) was a result of low to no oil in the engine.....Despite constantly telling the guys to check things... I guess things do happen....Do yourself a favor check your oil ;-)

    Well , with that in mind I am now having to decide what to repower my Exmark 48" Turf Tracer HP mower with....The engine that bit the dust was a Kohler Command 15 recoil start....Should I go Kohler or Kawi ? ...Since Honda isn't a real player in engines of this size I haven't really considered them....Also I was thinking of going up in power....Possibly a 19 HP Kawi? I know a 17 HP model is on my other Exmark but gotta love the extra power for spring's tall grass!....Anybody out there do this? was it hard to do?....I have also been thinking going delux and getting electric start too....I guess I think I'd make the best of a bad situation...Has anybody gone even farther than I propose and maybe gone with an electric clutch equipped 23 or 25 HP like on the Zeros? (electric clutches etc may require more modding of the mower but hey winter is almost here and I'll have time! ;-)

    Thanks in advance for any and all opinions or other ideas.

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    I switched from Briggs to Kawasaki on a Toro walkbehind once. Other than switching out some diodes and the electric clutch switch it was not too bad. Some things to consider: if you want to go to an electric start you will need to come up with some place to put the battery; check to make sure the bolt patterns on the engines line up; make sure you are getting a compatible engine i.e. with the same crank shaft length/diameter; check to be sure the muffler will fit with out modifications. On the Toro we had to notch the frame a bit to get clearance for the muffler. Also, some engines are wider than others and may not fit. Hope that helps.

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