Blown head gasket

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jason Rose, May 22, 2005.

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    I recently inherited a Craftsman 22" mower that has a blown head gasket. Pretty obvious, it's actually sticking out from where it's supposed to be. I have a friend in need of a better mower (and sad to say, this is much better). Thought I'd fix 'er up and put new front wheels on it (front wheel drive) and let him have it. I haven't a clue even what the make of the engine is.

    The model # off the engine is 143.996704
    It's a 6.75 hp "Eager 1"
    I'd guess it to be 4 to 5 years old.

    I have a small engine shop that sells parts locally, but I thought I better at least have the engine make on hand.

    Also, what is the torque for the head bolts?

    And 2... It has no throttle, I guess I will see when it runs if it runs fast enough. I haven't really looked at it too close, but so far saw no adjustment for the engine speed either via cable or on the engine. wierd...

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Restrorob

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    Thats a Tecumseh engine and the part number for the head gasket is 36061
    Sorry I don't have the torque on hand.
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    Most of the little craftsman mowers with that type (brand) engine on it dont have a throttle control. there is but one speed. most people, if given the option, will try and mow on a slower speed thinking they are doing something really really wise. they aren't.haha..
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    You can go to your local library and check in a book for small engine repair. They will have different sections for different engines. In the specific section you want, (Tecumseh) it will have the torque for all the bolts on the engine.
    If not buy a Tecumseh book from a book store they are not that expensive.

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