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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FLMOWER, Mar 20, 2003.


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    Have you guys seen blown in mulch. I talked to a gent the other day while on a job. This was the most incredible rig I have ever seen. It was an open top semi that could carry up to 100 yards of product. Inside was a self rolling floor which moved product to rear where it was then pumped through a 5" hose 200' to a technician walking along beds. This was all done with 1 remote control mounted on his waste. He related that he could spray cypess, pine bark, tire mulch, and even loose organic top soil. Their prices weren't bad either at 35-40$/ yard installed. This sure does seem to be the most efficient way to mulch.
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    they are definately sweet machines. i worked with a guy this summer who had a finn aim and shoot bark blower mounted on an international. it was absolutely nuts how well it could put the stuff out and how quick it worked. i couldnt imagine mulching all the stuff by hand that this machine used. And talk about cutting down on productivity. You normally wouldve needed a full crew of at least 6 guys to mulch all these properties, and only one guy can run the bark blower. youve got to have the work to shell out anywhere from $100,000 for a used machine to up to around $200,000 for a brand new one. (model depending)
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    we have hired a mulch blower truck for a few commercial jobs. the finished product looks nice. does a good job on slopes

    mdb, you are exactly right about the savings in labor. you would definitely need to have some serious mulch work to justify owning one.
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    I sub to a guy that has one for my larger jobs. What a labor saver. Also cuts down on the total yds. needed. If you had ten yards to put down by hand, it might take a crew of two 4 hrs, where the blower can do it in about an hour or so. Also looks smoother than by hand.
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    Sweet machine.. problem here is you are limted to the product you can get via machine.

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