Blown trailer light bulbs

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Roger, Jul 11, 2005.

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    I am blowing out bulbs on my trailer lights at an alarming rate. Every couple of weeks, one, or both are blown out. By "blown out" they are not merely burned out like I would expect, but both filiments are gone and the inside of the bulb is blue-grey. In some cases, a piece of the glass is broken out.

    I have an F250, pulling a Big-Tex 6.5X12 single axle trailer, with ramp end gate. I use the trailer to haul three mowers, and grass clippings. My travel is local, driving 50-80 miles per week. I work residential neighborhoods, so there is much stopping, turning, etc. The tail lights aren't used very much -- I'm usually home by dark.

    The fixtures are typical plastic housing, with a side light. The bulbs are 1157BP. Since April 1, I have replaced 6-8 of them.

    What is causing the problem?

    I started using an F250 nearly two years ago. Before that, I was using an F150, and I don't recall the problem. Also, I don't recall the problem until part way through the mowing season last year. The frequency of replacement has me concerned that something has gone wrong with a power surge, ground, or ????

    Any thoughts?
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    I have a Big Tex 6.5 x12' trailer. I would replace the bulbs about every 3 months due to the bouncing and jaring from rough roads. Sometimes the bulbs would even loosen themselves up in the sockets and go out. You would then have to smack the light or take the cover off and reinstall the bulb. What a pita. My 7x18' big Tex doesn't go through bulbs cause its a tandem axle, less bouncing. Your best bet would be to get a set of led tailights thats the best cure.
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    Replace them with LEDS :cool2:
    they are much brighter, last for years, and the turn on time is very short so it gets peoples attention
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    Roger, try "pinching" the sockets a little closer. Most likely there is not a tight fit between bulb and socket. How is business this year? I have been off the board for sometime... finally busy this year. I think your number is still in my phone I will call this week. -SL

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