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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by markahurley, Mar 14, 2009.

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    i just sold my ferris walk behind. i was the third owner. it was older, but maintained religiously. i kept it serviced, and never used it hard. it was a 14 hp gear drive, fixed 48" deck. i bought an after market steel bagger, and ran it with a sulky. not one week after it sold, the buyer called me back. the transmission blew up on him.

    thankfully, he knew i was honest, and had no idea it was going to blow. he just called me to warn me about why it did. when he took it in, and here's what the mechanics told him:

    the steel bagger put too much weight on one side of the mower--making the transmission wear out faster on that side--causing it to strip out.

    is that possible? if so, i need to rethink bagging. what do you think? oh, and this is only for those with experience--no sixteen year olds opinions--please. :)
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    3rd owner, unknown hours. Stuff happens. I doubt very seriously the bagger had anything to do with it. More than likely if anything the additional weight of the sulky and rider would have contributed to trans failure earlier than anything else.

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