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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by EJK2352, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. EJK2352

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    I was on the "other" forum and saw a post about a blowout baffle. He said it bolts to the factory welded baffle and he can now suck leaves off of driveways. I asked my dealer about it and they had no idea what I was talking about. The dealer looked up several Lazer part breakdowns and could not find it. He thinks that the baffle may have been listed in an old service bulletin that he has disguarded. Can you guys help me out w/ a part # for this baffle to fit a Lazer HP 52"cut. Thanks!! ED :)
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    Hey Ed,

    Dealers are often overwhelmed with papers and paperwork, so it's understandable that this guy/gal couldn't find this service bulletin. The Service Bulletin is 99-20, and this kit works with any FMD523, FMD603, or FMD604 series deck with a serial number of 130,000 or higher. The part number for the 52" (FMD523) deck is 1-611277, and the part number for the 60" (FMD603 or FMD604) decks is 1-641260. Feel free to pass this information on to your Dealer.

    Here to help,

    Exmark Customer Support
  3. Vibe Ray

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    What exactly does this thing do and what does it look like....I have never seen one or heard of one.
  4. EJK2352

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    Thanks Dustin!! You guys at Exmark are the BOMB!!!! Your attention to customer service is second to NONE!!! That why you will have me as a customer, as long as I stay in this lawn care gig. :) ;) :) ED
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    Roughly what is the price of the blow out baffel for a 60".
  6. eXmark

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  7. Premo Services

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    ;) No dought iI will be getting one for my lazer before fall.

  8. TLS

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    Here is a pic of what you get in the kit.

  9. Premo Services

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    Hey eXmark

    WHATS THE VERDICT ON THE BLOWOUT BAFFLE FORE 48 INCH TURF TRACER????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. eXmark

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    We are in the process of testing several potential improvements for various models including the 48" floating decks. Once we've finished the testing we can then determine the extent of improvement or non-improvement as the case may be and whether or not the market will support the changes/product/accessory as the case may be.

    Please don't misunderstand. We realize that every design can be improved upon and we are working toward that goal. Right now we've tested against several different products on the market and it appears that in most cases that we may have less blow out than most. Granted different decks react differently in different conditions but even with out improvement we still may be in better shape than most if not all other designs on the market today.

    Truthfully all decks will have some degree of blow out in the right conditions. In most cases you can reduce it by simply switching to a low lift blade, solid airfoil and in some cases the notched airfoil produces the least amount of blow out. In other instances a change in the rake of the deck may help as well. It all comes down to the conditions your operating in. In some conditions such as very dry fall leaves increasing your ground speed can reduce the blow out that your machine may be experiencing. There are several things that can be done to reduce the blow out that is common with all mower decks once the season becomes dry. Until we have something that eliminates blow out we can still help reduce it.



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