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    2000k blowouts?
    How do you handle all of this? As far as equipment goes.
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    With four compressors and really tight routes. This year we had three of the compressors mounted in pickup beds and one towed. Not all four are out at the same time-one is always in reserve in case there is a mechanical failure in another compressor or truck. In prior years it could be 2 and 2 or a 1 and 3 combo but the current configuration worked out well.

    We can do 70-100 a day and usually get 40 good days in with another 10 days for the straggler routes towards the end. I did my last one 12/13 and put all machines to bed save one I keep mounted until Spring to use for inflating mainlines at HOAs and commercial sites to check for leaks as needed. I have three that I think have leaks and can't tell since they are on wells and are not metered.

    My final count was 3022.

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