Blue Atlas Cedar's keep dying to much water?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mjlepak, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Hey all. I have a cluster of 3 blue atlas cedar's that have been planted twice by "proffessional landscapers" within 3-4 ft of each other. Both time's the same 2 have died within a year. This year I went and purchased 2 myself and planted them about a month ago.

    I noticed the other day that the tips of the branches on one were turning brown. I began to wonder if they were getting to much water. so I took a shovel and on the back side of the mound I dug a little trench about where the bottom of the root ball should be and water came pouring out. I think this is my culprit.

    My question is what to do. All 3 trees are mounded up pretty high so that water should have no problem running off. However, it seems that water is seeping down and accumulating around the rootball area and not perking further in the ground. We do have very clay like soil but most of this dirt was brought in and nicely landscaped area.

    Is there any advice on how to get the water to drain so the rootball don't sit in a puddle of water?

    Also, I really don't think it is because of a watering to much or too much rain just more of a drainage problem even though these mounds are higher than the landscaped areas around the trees.
  2. mjlepak

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    I have attached a picture of the area. It is not the best but it is what I had with me at work.

    Tree Pic.jpg
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    it sounds to me like they died of root rot, it's a common problem in this area. I would recommend digging out the soil as deep as you can & replacing it with rich mix from minick material, that should help keep the water from standing against the roots of the trees. PM me if you need more help

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