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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bmoorefield, Dec 19, 2010.

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    I purchased mine lightly used for $1500, new I think they are $2300-2500. The person I bought it from was using it as a back up because he bought a new one at an estate auction for $500. He got it so cheap because nobody at the auction knew what it was.

    I rented the Brown and the Blue Bird prior to my purchase (I don’t remember what Brown model specifically). Both models are very comparable but I liked how the Blue Bird was chain driven oppose to the belt driven Brown. I also liked that the controls are all on the handles and the ease of maneuverability around turns and height adjustment.

    I was able to get a full season out of my blade, unfortunately when I was creating a new bed for a customer I hit a huge underground rock that chipped off a few teeth. I was able to finish the season with the blade but it was unbalanced causing the machine to shake more then I would like. The end results still appeared great but the teeth didn’t cut through the soil as easily. Don’t get me wrong, I have been through some terribly rocky soil and the machine had no problems. I haven’t experienced any lack of power with Maryland soil conditions unlike cgaengineer. I also considered the Echo but I felt the same you Patriot.

    If I could justify the $5100 I would have looked more into the hydrostatic Little Wonder. It would be nice to have a machine that you don’t have to drag around backwards.
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    I have pretty much the opposite here. Soft sandy soil that wears blades and bearings. I don't miss working in sticky clays one bit.
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