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    :hammerhead: I am writing to vent my story with a recent Ford truck. I have had Ford trucks in my family since 1976, my dad, my brother, and I have always bought Ford trucks. Recently my 2003 (bought brand new) had the batteries go dead due to me leaving the lights on. I didn't think much about jump starting it like a hundred other times that I have jump started vehicles. After jumping it, the instrument cluster goes dead, no gauges, all idiot lights on, no radio. I proceed to the dealer that I purcahsed it from and they say the cluster is shot. The cost to repair is $ 535.00 plus tax and labor on a 03 with 59,000 miles. I ask if I cannot jump start this truck or is there a certain procedure to follow? The response is no. So I proceed to email Ford with my problem/concern about this truck. Ford says talk to Dealer and Dealer says talk to Ford. So after waiting 10 days and missing 2 plow days ( at a cost of $ 700.00 per night) they say it is on back order from Ford, cluster could be here anywhere from 3 days to 6 months (NO TRUCK). I tell Ford and dealer that this is my livelyhood, no concern by either party. Well they get the cluster back and decide to put it back in while they wait for the new one, IT WORKS no one can tell me why or how. It costs me $ 150.00 plus the airbag light they broke taking out the cluster. I talk to Ford customer service and ask why did this happen? If they don't know please connect me to someone who does. That was unacceptable or unobtainable. They told me that they were sorry but if they lost me as a customer no big deal (not their words but close). I told them I would go to every trade show I could, and website express my opinion of Ford. If you have any questions please email me and I will respond. Thank you for letting me vent

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