Blue Diamond skid steer bucket

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Mar 18, 2007.

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    I got my new low profile Construction 72" bucket about a month ago. KSSS, was correct about the brand name not being Blue tooth. I have mounted a removable tooth bar on the bucket and I got to use it a little this past Monday since it was dry for a whole day. :) I must say it is not build to bad at all. I have seen a little heavier ones but also seen allot cheaper ones. I would rate it probably in the middle of all the ones out there. I can say I was really impressed with how the machine digs (250 II Deere). I bought my machine real late last fall and have not got to use it very much. I have went over the machine from top to bottom and think Im about ready to go as I ever will be. Hopefully nothing I have missed or find out is wrong. As I mentioned before the skid came with a high back bucket that I did not want since I planned on doing closer tolerance work. Only thing I dont like about the removable tooth bar is it wont allow the edge of the bucket to set near as close to the ground as a regular tooth bucket. So in this case I have to remove the bar for final grading. I will get some pics of it soon. Now all I got left is to get the trailer ready. I plan on stepping up to a heavier built trailer eventually with more capacity. Im trying to keep all my cost as low as possible on everything. This all depends on how much work I get besides whats on the farms.
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    Sounds good fieldman..but, I'm a little dissapointed it wasn't a "blue tooth" bucket.........the possibilities were endless on that one! If it was a blue tooth kinda deal, you could have patented it and we would have all been working for you! Good luck with the Deere, it's alot of fun to use those skids, and to think you will get paid for having fun..........may this be a good year for ya.
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    I hope it is a good year, we will see how things turn out. I cant wait to do some things. Seems like every since i bought it, we just keep getting rain.
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    is your tooth bar one that flips up? you dont have to remove it, mine is one you just loosen the nuts and it flips up and locks in and you tighten for final grading or cleanup

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    It is but where I had to drill and bolt it made it about a half inch from the lip of the bucket. It is just about as easy to remove it anyway by the time you loosen it and slide it out.

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