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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by hdtvluvr, Nov 9, 2006.

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    I have a 0.4 acre pond that I added an areator to this summer (1100 gph) to increase the oxygen content. It runs about 8 hours per day. I also added the blue dye to help control algae and water plants. It seemed to help. However, now the blue is gone, I'm getting brown algae on the bottom (may have been there all along) and surface algae is beginning to take over again.

    Should the blue dye be used year round? What can I do to help control the surface algae? The pond is stocked with fish.

    MHODGES LawnSite Member
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    The blue dye just acts as a light filter which will probably help the bottom algae. For the surface algae you will need to use a copper based product like Cutrine plus or captian. You will want to be careful with the copper products if your pond has a low alkalinty, because copper can be very hazardous to your fish. I also like to mix in a little bit of a hot surfactant like LI-700 or cide kick just check the label and make sure it is approved for aquatic uses. Also copper is a contact herbicide so make sure you get real good coverage when spraying.

    good luck

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    Copper sulfate is used for surface algae and Aquashade is a filter and is mostly for looks. County extension office will usually send a guy out with knowledge about what and how much of a product to use in your pond.

    With an O2 pump you can achieve maxamum control with out as much worry of killing fish and other life.
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    Sorry but I'm just getting back to this. I've attached 2 photos of the pond. The fountain was added early summer. What should I do now? I'd like this to look a lot better.

    BTW, I have not harvested or chemically treated this year. Last summer I used copper sulfate and Aquashade.

    I've thought about bottom aeration but it seems expensive.


  5. Grassmechanic

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    Cutrine-Plus will take care of your problem. BTW, I'd run that aerator 24/7, it looks a little under-sized.
  6. hdtvluvr

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    Oops. My original post stated 1100 gph. It should have read 1100 gpm. The fountain is approx. 6 ft. high and produces a circle a little over 20 ft. in dia. It only draws water from about 3 ft. down and when the pond is full the max depth is close to 12 ft.

    By spraying the surface with Cutrine-Plus, will this get rid of the algae below the surface? When should I apply it.
  7. Grassmechanic

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    Cutrine-Plus will control the algae below the surface. However, with as much as you have, you'll need repeat apps. The label will tell you when to apply in your area. I'd still run that aerator for longer periods of time until you get your problem under control.
  8. earthworksindiana

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    I would caution treating this amount of algae in one application, rather split in two sections to minimize O2 depleation. Algacides work best with alot of sun light and water temps above 55 deg and higher. You would get best results using a gas powered water pump and nurse tank injecting Cutrine Plus and Cide kick, using the water preassure to break up the algae mats. How many acre feet of water are you treating by the way?
  9. hdtvluvr

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    The pond is 0.4 acres with the average depth being around 6 ft. when full. It is about 2 ft. low in the photos and even lower now. I think 0.4 acres at the current 4 ft. average depth would be 1.6 acre feet.

    I made one application to the algae as far as I could reach last weekend (8 days ago) and another application yesterday. It looks a lot better. I've used about 0.6 gallons of Cutrine so far.

    Do I need to add bottom aeration?

    Should I add Aquashade again?
  10. Grassmechanic

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    Earthworks - No need to worry about O2 depletion with an Aerator. I've treated several ponds in far worse condition than his without fishkill.

    Hdtvlvr - You won't need bottom aeration, just run yours longer. Go ahead and add Aquashade. You want to keep light penetration to a minimum. You may have to re-treat with the Cutrine-Plus.

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