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    Heres my story. started mowing with the parents simplicity when i was 6 or 7 and i bought my toro z master when i was 15 with money i borrowed from my dad. i used that and did a bunch of lawns part time for a couple years my junior and Senior year when i start going to consortium for turf management. and i had work release and started work for a smaller operation 50 accounts or so. it was okay working for him but i was difficult because i knew we could be doing better or faster but i couldn't't do much so i decided to by a boss for my truck and i plowed that winter for my self a couple commercial accounts but mostly ressy and it was a slow winter and the truck wasn't ready for the little we had. so coming out of the season i went back to work for the other guy i got out of school and he was afraid of me mowing on the side so he was going to by me and the equipment out. nothing was signed or taken care of like to should have been. but i worked that summer and we won more accounts and i was running a three man crew ( 2 others) 3 days a week and the other 2 to 3 days the owner and i plus one other guy would finish the week together it got slow and he laid the other guy off and i got sick of dealing with every thing and not even having the pay to justify staying and fixing every thing or working tell 8 or 9 on the rain weeks. so i thought about leaving the trade. i ended up leaving that fall and working for my dads building company and working on my stuff on the side. that feburary i had the ability to buy out a 20 account company with some equipment for a real good price so i decided to take a stab at it. i purchased the accounts and the equipment that i wanted and purchased a new z turn and walk behind and sold more jobs then what i had or bought. its been two green seasons and coming out of the seconded white one and its been pretty good i had 58 accounts last year for mowing i did them all my own its tuff. my older brother was getting out of college so i would use him for the weekend landscape odd jobs and we were able to bond it was really enjoy able. this year i have spent more in advertising and now i am growing alittle quicker and have won enough jobs from plowing and mowing that i am going to hire somebody for this mowing season hopefully full time and let him drive the other truck for plowing. tell now i have had my dad or friends drive in large storms. hopefully this economy will not effect me to much and i can putter along un till it turns around for us all.

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    Welcome to Lawnsite. Good luck in '09.

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