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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by EDL, Sep 18, 2000.

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    I was just wondering what people use for a bluestone base we have used stone dust in the past but a job we are designing has drainage problems flowing towards the house, (and the future walkway they want installed, Would it be possible to use the same base as a paver system, how well would the bluestone sit in the sand base. Thanks Tom
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    Hello EDL -

    As you may or may not know, I'm not much of a proponent of the use of sand over crushed stone as a base for pavers. However, in stone work that's how I do it. That inch of sand gives you a little bit of play to work with when you have stones of differing thickness. It should be the best base you could have for that project. Just make sure the base is pitched from the house. Have fun - bluestone is a beautiful stone.
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    If the water is flowing toward the house, either re-grade enough to correct this flow before getting to the walkway or put in a French drain to catch the water. Putting a base of crushed stone under the screed bed of sand or stone dust is the way to assure that the walkway doesn't heave and settle.
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    I agree with both, and think lanelle hit the nail on the head with the fact that maybe some type of regrading or drain will be needed to stop runoff/solve drainage. No matter what kind of base there is, if water comes rushing over every rain storm or if the walk is in a low spot where water will always settle too, some type of damage will eventually occur.


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