Blue Stone Stains

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by AllHardscaping, May 3, 2008.

  1. AllHardscaping

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    HAve any of you ever cleaned blue stone? I have a guy I am doing paver work for that has blue stone with some oil stains from a car. I am planning on removing it with a heated pressure washer. If that doesn't work I have the option of trying an oil remover like Techniseals product. Anybody have experience with this stuff on blue stone? I don't want to discolor it if its a sensitive material.

    Anybody ever sealed blue stone with an invisible sealer like a siloxane? how did it work?

    Thanks fo rthe help!
  2. Top Dog Pavers

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    Try rubbing it with another piece of bluestone...if its a small stain it will take it right out!
  3. badassgrass

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    1. \\\\\\\\\\
    2. I have blue stone patio and would never seal it. I have been one of this guys that believe that the stone needs breath. But to each to their own.
    I a=--]]]]]
  4. badassgrass

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    okay that might have been a drunk statement. But I think it is right.. Okay I am going to not post anymore tonight.
  5. Isobel

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    nah, but i agree, I would never seal stone, it does need to breathe...
  6. frumdig

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    do not put a pressure washer on blue stone... it will etch the stone a leave some nice lines from the center of your sprayer... seen it a few times, and from what i hear there isnt really a good fix for it... definately gonna have to try something with a brush and aggitate it...
  7. AllHardscaping

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    I agree about natural stone and avoiding selaer. Its on a drive though and exposed to oil and other stains. A siloxane sealer is breathable.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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