Bluebird 530 (Honda) will surge then die sometimes after starting

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ostrichsak, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ostrichsak

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    Anyone know what my issue could be? It seems to happen if it's been sitting for a while and I start it up. It fires up first pull every time w/o hesitation and roars to life. If it's fine, I will do the yard w/o a single hiccup and everything will be fine. If it acts up about a minute after starting it it will start to surge the throttle on it's own. Starts somewhat slowly and then increases in repetition until the engine finally dies. If I attempt to restart right away it won't start. If I let it set for a couple minutes it will fire right up and complete the yard w/o a single hiccup.

    This is quite frustrating because it seems to happen at the worst times and it's slowing down on productivity. I would think that it's the carb but I'm but super knowledgeable on the carbs that these Honda motors use. I tried to see if there was a fuel filter and I'm not seeing anything for this model so I guess it doesn't have a fuel filter? My local shop suggested I run premium gas instead of the regular I was running and it didn't seem to help so I don't think it was an octane issue.

    I need to fix this w/o paying someone tons of money.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. JFGauvreau

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    Have the same problem with my bluebird, just started happening after 3 years I got it. Every time it dies I need to start it again at low rpm like you mentioned, then it's perfectly fine until it dies again.

    Hoping for some answers from someone else lol.
  3. dieselss

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    It dosent have a ff per say more like a sediment bowl. It's right next to the carb fuel bowl small bowl 10mm nut. Sounds like a fuel issue. Is there a lot of sediment in the tank? Did you take off the bowl?
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  4. inzane

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    i have the same exact problem with my bluebird aerator, honda gx120. lol. it has sat a while.
  5. ostrichsak

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    It happened again today. Pulled the aerator off of the trailer for my first aeration of the day and it started surging almost immediately. About 30' into the aeration it died completely. Took a few minutes before I was able to start it again and once I did, no other problems. Nothing like standing in front of a customer's house for 4 or 5min looking stupid while you wait to be able to start it again.

    I can see some sediment in the tank but not a lot. The design makes it so that the pickup is well above the bottom and you 'run out' of gas when there's still like 1/4 tank left so that it doesn't suck up any sediment. My guess is this why it doesn't have a fuel filter. As for the bowl... no idea. I've never looked at that.
  6. Sensenig's R&S

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    Alrite in my opinion it can only be two things. Either you are losing fuel or losing spark. I'd lean more to the fuel problem. If you cleaned the carburetor did you remove the center jet and make sure there is no dirt in there? The fuel settlement bowl is most times part of the fuel shut off valve- most honda engines are equipped with them. Also if you are sure it is not the carb, take a small gas tank(if you have one) and a piece of fuel line. totally eliminate the original fuel tank to rule that out of the mix. ... give some of this a try-or visit your local dealer.
  7. ostrichsak

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    I never cleaned the carb. I really haven't done too much at this point. Anything I need to know specifically about these Honda motors and removing the carb for cleaning? Is there a link or a video somewhere that shows how to go about this procedure? I've been wrenching on cars for decades but sometimes the more simple things are more confusing. lol
  8. dieselss

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    They are simple to work on,,,just smaller then a automotive linkage and a linkage spring the only issues I have run into would be the small fuel bowl not seating correctly after I removed it. Had to just buy a new carb.
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  9. herler

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    Good carburetor cleaning.

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