BlueBird 530 vs. Lawn Solutions 21" WB in 1/2" thatch

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    The true mathematical formula for plugs per square foot the one that Purdue uses is:

    Plugr 850 = 8 Plugs per square foot

    Lawn Solutions WB 21" and Stander = 6.857 per sq foot The tightest rolling tine pattern used in a WB rolling tine aerator.

    Blue Bird = 5.8299 plugs per square foot.

    ** disclaimer ** I'm not being compensated by Plugr or Lawn Solutions. However since the Plugrs burn up an alarming amount of tines in the soil here I'd sure appreciate a cut rate on replacement 5/8 tines. Free tines for life would be good. :laugh:

    My comments here on Lawnsite have helped sell both Plugr 850's and Lawn Solutions WB

    Also due to my marketing angle I will not run any aerator with tine spacing wider than 3.5" x 6". The Plugr 400's and 600's pull a 3.63" x 6" pattern. Lawn Solutions WB & stander are 3.5" x 6"
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    OK what is the Turfco XT5's pattern? Same as LS?
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    Same as the other ones from what turfco Bob has stated. Website doesn't have specs for that one specifically. I'd like to have the full specs myself.
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    You should be the go to guy when anyone has questions about aerators on here. I have followed many of the posts you have regarding the different brands, patterns, etc. and you cover all the bases. I am demoing an 855 on Tuesday and will be purchasing the same unit if all goes as planned. I appreciate how thorough you have been with all your aerator reviews and opinions.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    Appreciate the kudos. The real world truth is the older Plugr 850 has a high fiddle factor, cost more and tines are a tad expensive at the rate I burn through them. So to offset this you have to get a more money for the doing an aeration with them. Peoples eyes tend to glaze over when I tell them more is better....No really more is better. Once they see for themselves they believe. The side by side comparison is dramatic when I'm done aerating a lawn next to another company. Unfortunately my marketing has to include customer education as part of the speal. Even my estimate cards will up sell why the LS WB pulls 17%+ more plugs per square foot than those common machines. And the Plugr pulls 33%+ more plugs than those common machines. Without this advantage I'd quit doing aeration's. Prices are too beat down in this area. Much of my marketing last year was "do what the pros do" picture of a golf course. Worst response ever - it just became a price issue. I'm going back to yes more is really more angle and why it is better and how your lawn will benefit more.

    The constriction of the Lawn Solution WB will no doubt out last the Plugr in durability. The constant pounding takes a toll on the Plugrs.

    The Plugrs have the added effect of getting the plugs on top of the grass for a dramatic top dressing effect. I absolutely hate having to mow over a property I have Plugr plugged...especially when bagging. Much of the top dressing effect is lost in the catcher. Very dirty job.
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    Exact thanks for sharing that intel with us, looks like someone is serious about doing his homework.I've been wanting to see a side by side comparison of plugging ability of the LS and Plugr walk behinds.My LS unit is pretty consistent with what your showing as far as topical plug coverage and I would grade that as a fair rating .The Plugr would get the excellent rating for topical plug coverage.What's great is the testing was done on the same turf at the same time so the playing field was fair.Now on a side note Exact's LS unit has a full weight set installed and I bet that most of the unit's out in the field are running only one stock weight.So in reality the extra weight on the LS actually produced a little better plug output during testing compared to most machines out there.Just trying to keep it real.Just to clarify My LS unit pokes plenty of holes , it just dosen't leave a ton of plug turds on the turf.I find this testing honest and not some kind of marketing fraud from manufactures trying to hype their product's and holding up picture's of large plugs and saying look at the plug's our machine pulls . I think if this testing was out last year before I bought my unit I would be a proud owner of a plugr.I think Exact will sell a lot of Plugr's this year, Maybe he will get lucky and they will sponsor him and give him a new unit.Ya right wouldn't that be nice heck he would be probably be happy with some free tine's.Thank's for taking the time to help all us lawnsite guy's knowledge=power.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    Thanks fatboynormie,

    There will be more test down the road. The dormant grass background is great for contrast. The thatch layer of just over 0. 5" may be a factor in favor of.the plugr vs traditional rolling tine units.

    I will proceed with extra weight down low on the LS WB mod at some point but I need to get my marketing person lined up with flyers and we will see.

    If the bargain hunters try to chew me they are getting lawn solutions unit run instead since it cost less to operate. I figure I need to be pulling in at least 15% more for the plugr aerations vs. LS just to pay for tines and fiddle factor.
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  8. georgiagrass

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    We use the Ryan Lawnaire 28 which uses the cam action like the Plugr, and it does a job that is very similar to the Plugr.
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes the Ryan 28 pulls 8.5 plugs per square foot - a whole 1/2 plug more than the plugr 800's on the true mathematical formula for plug count.

    Earlier this year I wrestled with claims Ryan made on plug count. 9 on the rolling tine units 12 on the reciprocating "28". One of the members here who does golf course aeration helped to clear this up. Purdue's turfgrass puplications verified it all - I accepted it and thought, "ah crud - now I have to educate customers that the manufacturers claims are blurry and actually not correct". Yet another angle if have to incorporate in my marketing. Only people like me like technical specs and figures. I will provide the mathematical proof if customers want it but I thought pictures of different units would be better and simpler. Ultimately I want to have pics of all the major companies aerators compared.
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  10. Lefet

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    Very thorough job Exact. Really appreciate all the time and effort that went into sharing that with us. I'm looking to buy this year, renting is kicking my butt (literally).
    It's true, a pictures worth a thousand words.
    Really appreciate the effort, thanks!

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