BlueBird 530 vs. Lawn Solutions 21" WB in 1/2" thatch

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I would also argue that the Plugr style aerator actually breaks up the soil more than a drum style machine. On some soils, I kid you not, you can see the ground roll behind the machine. Take a drum aerator over wet soil, (no sod) and it looks like a reverse of the drum-tine pattern, holes all in a row, take a Plugr over bare soil, and it looks like its been roto-tilled. :laugh:
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    Yes...very true. The hydro plugr 850/855 have the added advantage of using the hydro front drive as a brake to really pulverize the soil to the point of the turf layer actually lifting up and off the ground. Tough to explain but easy once experienced. Plugrs are an ideal tool for renovations And over seeding. It seems when ever someone is getting out of the renvation business a Lawn Solutions seeder and plugr 850 are both for sale at the same time. EBay, lawnsite etcetera.

    I belive the plugr 800 and 600 are as equally as slow. My plugr 850 is a Tad faster than the lawn solutions WB 21 and it has a wider effective path and can make much quicker hard and quick 90 degree turns.
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    I have a question for you all! Do you do circles when you aerate or go back and forth like striping a lawn? I have done some time trials and doing circles is almost 20% faster than the striping. However I have had customers want the going back and forth. I can't see spending extra time aerating like I do with mowing, cause it doesn't look any better either way, there are still turds on the lawn.
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    Very nice thread, it's always good to compared those machines in real life. This gives me great idea on if I want to buy a 2nd blue bird or something better like a LS aerator.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    When I aerate I make a perimeter trim then fill in the rest the quickest possible way working my way towards the middle. Going back and forth with a mowing pattern burns up extra time. Even when I do a double pass I merely over lap half on each pass. As of yet no requests for aeration stripes.
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    I always double pass close from the driveway and the street, normally its where the snow pills up in the winter, so the ground is always more compacted.
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    Tamer how have you and bluegrass been doing Ive been of line for a year or so.

    Good thred also I hve a bluebird 530a it will work you hard but it does the job. The crankshaft models maby have less fatgue?

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