Bluebird Aerators...give me the 411

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Florida Gardener, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Do you own one or have you owned one and what do you think of them? Is it a good first aerator?
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  2. Jaybrown

    Jaybrown LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Plugr. Way better
  3. The Turf Guys

    The Turf Guys LawnSite Member
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    Had a bluebird and once I got my PLUGR 855 there was no going back. Sure the PLUGR costs more but I can aerate easily twice as many yards per day without feeling exhausted.
  4. Can you guys give feedback on bluebird...I understand the plugr may be better, but I'd like feedback on bluebird.
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  5. The Turf Guys

    The Turf Guys LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    Bluebird is awkward to manuever. It will beat the heck out of you if you regularly do normal sized residential lawns. Especially if you have to manuever around landscaping much.

    Also the bluebird pulls about 1/2 the plugs per sqft as a PLUGR. Bluebird is cheaper and costd less to maintain per year.

    If you are going to do less than 50 lawns per year and want a low cost option then probably go with the Bluebird. If you do 100+ aerations per year then I would recommend PLUGR.
  6. Yea, def won't be doing that least not yet. Can't justify the extra 2-K. If I get into it heavier, will def consider it. Thanks for the reply.
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  7. FYI- which model bluebird would you recommend?
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  8. The Turf Guys

    The Turf Guys LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    Florida- Sorry for the delay. I had the H530 model. It was built like a tank and took plenty of abuse. You could probably pick up a decent used one on CL or ebay for $1,000- 1,200.
  9. larryinalabama

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    FG I have the Bluebird 530a 4 hp Honda. It is a good first areator, I had mine 5 years and all the repairs Ive made didnt involve parts so I ahvent spent anything on it. I got in like new condition for 800$, I think thy sell a little higher now, but used will still serve you well.

    The fellers are right its a tank and hard to manuaver, 4 to 5 hours will wear you out.
    The Bluebird has a chain driven drum and the weight of the machine "pulls" the plugs. Higher end machines use a crankshaft and the engine pulls the plugs.

    Im pretty sure the bluebird is rated at 9 plugs per sq foot, it will do the job as good as anything outtheir, its just tiresome.
  10. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I bought mine in 1986 and I found out they don't make the part I need to fix it But I google it and found what I need on east coast.
    This first time I ever had do anything to my bluebird. Now the new ones looks cheap made. I rented one to help and thing broke after 10th lawn my 1986 model has only broke one time that was last fall

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