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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slagerlawncare, Jan 29, 2000.

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    Well I've pretty much decided to go with the 22 hp kaw LC exmark ztr ...(thanks lazer for all your input).Now i would like to put a collection system on that baby...i was given a quote on a blubird for the V260 and V260Z vacuums which are designed for commercial intermediate walk-behind and ztr's. Which engine is better? They have these options..5/B&S, 5/B&S-I/P<br>5.5 Honda, 6/Koh..Any other unit out there a guy should look at? Any features on the bluebird that stink?<br>Thanks and may the groundhog not see his shadow on the 1rst....<br><p>----------<br>rick<br>slager
  2. Can you mount a jumbo metal bagger to the<br>deck? They cost about $200 and have no<br>engine to bother with. I have 20 <br>gasoline engines to maintain and I don't<br>need another.<p>I have one of the jumbo metal baggers on a<br>52&quot; Toro but I only use it to pick up thatch<br>twice a year. I just ordered a bracket for<br>$20 to also use it with my new 62&quot; deck if needed.
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    Yeah, that's a heck of a mower. I've heard good things about blue-bird, but I think the ones that I see are the Trac-Vac. Does the Blue-bird have the double 44gal hoppers?<p>Anyway, if you have your pick, get...the...Honda. Most of the time, you don't get a choice. If you get a Briggs, you'll have a Honda on it within 1 or 2 years anyway. The Kohler 6 is better than Briggs, but it's still not a Honda.
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    lazer, it has the 9 bu. capacity the one i'm looking's link of comparison's between them and trac vac<br>i really liked the new bagger (no engine)exmark has for the Hp, but it won't go on the Z...not real excited about more maintenence with another engine..but i need a collection system for my area(upper midwest)..lots and lots of leaves.<p>----------<br>rick<br>slager
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    I am waiting on a Trac-Vac system to put on my Scag Super Z. I ordered mine with the 6hp Kohler. Price was $1430.00+ shipping and installation. I'll probably wind up with close to $1700.00 in it but I'm in the same boat. Too many leaves, pine straw, and garbage I need to pick up. If it ever comes in I will let you know how it works.<p>Homer
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    Slager, just to give you a comparison. I have a 36 bushel easyvac bagger. Pull it with a Kubota. I had a 19 bu for a John deere. If you live in a area like I do with piles of leaves per yard. On most of my yards a 9bu would not be productive at all. Thats why I do not use my lazer to bag. Even the 19bu was alot of back breaking work and dumping many times. Thats why I bought the easy vac. You might consider a second mower that you can put on or tow a larger leaf bagger. It might be worth it if you are going to have alot of leaf customers. And you can use one of the mowers as a back up.If you just do alot of small yards like a quarter of and acre then the 9bu should be okay. Most of my yards are 1/2 acre plus with alot of leaves. 9 bu would fill up in 5 min.<br>
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    I have a BlueBird Easy Rake&lt;sup&gt;©&lt;/sup&gt; with the Briggs I/C. I haven't used it yet, but have used the Trac Vacs in the past. I have never used mine for garbage, and will be using it for paper/refuse pickup for commercial accounts.<p>I was wondering if I should dedicate that to a particular unit (my 48&quot; dual hydro walkbehind). I can use it on my 60&quot; ZTR, (make a mount for it and a collection trailer) but think I may be better off with the 48&quot; for maneuverability and fitting into tighter areas. Also, the trailer probably would hold more material, which might be a negative in this case, since it wouldn't be filled up and emptied at one account. Also, I can bag it on the ZTR by placing bags in the cans instead of discharging to the trailer. Any thoughts or input?<p>John<p> <br>
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    First time I've seen the unit that Lawrence shows the link to. However, I have two of their TR-196 Sulkies, and they are Excellent. I broke a tray on one, and they sent me a new one. No questions were asked. Very nice company to deal with. I like my Bluebird, but you may want to look at that unit. Only possible disadvantage I see is it may rob the mower of a little power with the belt drive.<p>John
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    thank guys for all your input...this site is a HUGE help!!!!For a guy just starting to grow,this is the ticket! I do have a power flo system for my JD, but i would like to utilize my ZTR as much as possible. Lawerence do you have info on the metal hoppers? Thanks for the link to turf specialities..that might be more of what i'm looking for.<p>Thanks again!<p>----------<br>rick<br>slager

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