Bluebird T18 Power Rake

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greens, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. greens

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    I was wondering if any of you have the T18 Bluebird powerake with the bagging feature. If so, how do you like it? How much do they run?
  2. lbmd1

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    I have rented Bluebird dethatchers for years (both flail and spring type) and can attest to their worthiness. However, I traveled down to my dad's house one weekend and had him rent one prior to me getting there, it was the T18 with bagger. I had never tried them before (my rental shop guys told me they s**#ed) so I gave it a try and figured the bagger would help with the cleanup. After 10-15 feet or so, the bagger became full of dirt, thatch, rocks, bagger fell off every few feet and still left a ton of debris behind. Not to mention that the bagger weighed about 70 lbs every time you emptied it and it is a b#*@% to put on and take off. STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!! Get or use a regular Bluebird and either trac vac or backpack blow the debris into a pile.

  3. Is the T-18 different from the P-18? I was looking at a P-18 for about $1,000. Bags + $200. I run an older model 520 w/o bag. I've seen the clean up the self bagging model does and am not impressed. I rake then vacuum. I'm pretty sure that you can run bagger's with or without the bag, so if you don't like the bagging take it off & vac, blow, rake, whatever to clean up. If you're not too busy maybe the bag can get you through the 1st season so you can determine which direction will work best for you in the future. If you need equipment pricing for budgeting purposes check
  4. walker-talker

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    I have rented the bluebird power rake and liked it. The reel with the 52 flail blades really pulls up thatch and other debri, along with living grass. I have heard a lot of other people say not to go with the bagging unit. Personally I would opt for the 5.5hp Honda engine ($1350 I think) vs the 5.5hp I/C Briggs & Straton ($1200 I think). I have a Kees that I might part with.

  5. greens

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    Thanks for all the help guys. After reading your posts I think I will stay away from the begging unit. It sounds worthless. But I will still probably stick with Bluebird. They are a good machine.:cool:
  6. I was thinking of useing this.


    Or this mounted on below mower


    Picking it up with this.


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