Bluegrass in Zone 7

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by nwok2u, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. nwok2u

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    I am looking at planting Bluegrass (specifically a mix of texas/kentucky hybrids) at my home in upper zone 7. I worry that I will have heavy disease pressure being in a warmer zone for bluegrass. How prevalent is summer patch and other disease for those of you with bluegrass in the transition zone?
  2. subeedude

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    I live in the northern part of the transitions zone, and my wife, who works for Soil Conservation and Natural Resources, USDA, asked some specialists she knew to render an opinion about what they would recommend for our yard. They recommended Kentucky Blue Grass to replace our fescue. I guess you could extrapolate that the bluegrass should fare as well as the "peskie feskies."
  3. White Gardens

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    Just shooting from the hip I would say you would be OK.

    If you don't water though, you'll have to accept the fact that it will brown out pretty badly during any hot and dry spells in the summer. Even though we are in zone 5, we still get stress on KBG frequently during the summer.

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