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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QLC, Mar 18, 2000.

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    I have a ? about what seed to use. In my area, Central KY, most of the new home builders will sod around the house so far then sow the outter limits. The sod is Bluegrass but they sow fescue or a blend. You can tell exactly where they switched. What is best way to get the whole yard looking the same? Also, the sod will have clumps of fescue here and there and really makes it look bad. Any suggestions for this. Alot of people are switching from bluegrass to fescue here because the fescue is more hardy. Does this make since. Please help!!!!<p><br>Brook Haynes<br>Quality Lawn Care
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    i dont know anything about those types of grass but it would make sence to me that if you want the whole yard to look the same use the same type of grass <p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    QLC, I've sown my own lawn in a self mixed blend of fescues (some fine) and bluegrass. The results are absolutely beautiful. My neighbor is forever commenting on how my grass does'nt even look real. Of course I have an irrigation system also, so that helps. I cut it in the 3-31/2&quot; range. Hope this helps.
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    In our area, if it isn't sodded by the builder, it's generally seeded with ryegrass. Reason is seed is cheaper than sod, and cheapest seed is generally rye. Also rye will come up right away. If you want info on best grasses for your area, check Also, your state land grant university, which probably does testing with the NTEP program, will have suggestions for grass types.<p>When interpreting NTEP data, you refer to results in other locations across the country with weather characteristics similar to your location. This allows you to judge the result using a specific cultivar at your location.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
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    I live in southern Ohio so we are pretty much in the same climate. The fescues you want to use are fine, chewings red or hard fescue. The one that is making the lawn look so splotchy is tall fescue or Kentucky 31. Tall fescue has a much wider leaf and tends to not be so uniform in color. It also wants to grow in clumps. I have seen, however; lawns of solid tall fescue that look beautiful. It seems to be all or nothing with that type of grass. If you mix fine fescue with bluegrass, then the bluegrass will dominate the sunny areas and fescue will dominate the shaded areas but should look just fine. Tall fescue is very drought tolerant and it is a shame that it isn't prettier when mixed with other grasses.
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    QLC,<p>If you have sprinklers and no drought bluegrass is what made the state famous. But don't forget the state where fescue 31 was discovered. Both are KY. I realize that fescue 31 is not a turf type. You would be surprised at the number of lawns have it a the number grass. I have sown several lawns (mine twice that is another topic). I use Falcon II fescue with a blend of preannual ryegrass. It has worked for me. I certainly agree that It looks bad of having part sod and the other sown. Not to mention the disease and insect problems you see more in a bluegrass lawn. As you mentioned your from Central Ky. REMEMBER the drought of 1999. YOu soon be reseeding lawns like crazy. I know I am and it is good money.<p>GREEN-N-GROW LAWN CARE<br>
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    I live in west kentucky. I mow in the paducah area. I have seen a lot of the new yards just like you said. I think one of the problems is they mow the yards to quickly after sewing.

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