Bluegrass yellowing

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by glock, May 3, 2008.

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    I hit my bluegrass lawn hard with Lesco 46-0-0 in November. Grass greened up beautiful in the early spring but has started to show slight discoloration and has more of a lime green color than the deep green that I desire. The only other fertilizer application I have applied since was Lesco Dimension 0-0-7 in April. Anyone have any suggestions? Do I need more Nitrogen at this point? Thanks guys
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    Why the 46-0-0??? Hitting any lawn hard with that and no slow release fert is a recipe for disaster. I would hope that you applied no more than a pound of N per thousand. Yes, it will give you a quick green-up, but it's also just a quick flush growth that's not the best for the grass plants. The potential for tip burn is also very high with a quick release fert. If you want a deep green lawn feed it on a regular basis and spread that nitrogen out over time. The 46-0-0 you applied last fall is probably long gone. It sounds like your lawn needs more nitrogen but you need to check for other problems as well. Proper watering, mowing height, insects etc.... The only reason to apply 0-0-7 Dimension would be to control crabgrass and ensure limited or low growth. If you want it green you need to fertilize it.
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    We sell the Dimension 0-0-7 but 99% of the people who buy it are using it for beds and not on their lawn. You have not applied any Nitrogen to the lawn and that is why it hasn't "greened up". In order to maintain a healthy lawn, you need to fertilize it regularly at 6 week intervals during the growing season. Of course, you also have to water it regularly too.

    Follow this program every year and you should have excellent results.

    April 15 - 19-0-6 Fertilizer + Dimension

    May 27th - You have 3 different choices on this date. Pick the product that
    you think you need.
    ...............19-0-6 Fertilizer + Dimension (use if you have problems each year with Crabgrass)
    ...............21-0-11 Fertilizer + Momentum Weed Control (use if your lawn is loaded with weeds)
    ...............28-5-12 Fertilizer + Iron (use if your lawn is very shady)

    July 8th - 24-0-8 Fertilizer + Merit (Grub Preventative)

    August 19th - 28-5-12 Fertilizer + Iron

    September 30th - 21-3-21 Fertilizer + Iron

    September 30th - Dolomitic Limestone applied at a rate of 50 lb. per 1,000 sq.ft.

    In the future, I would not use 46-0-0 at all! It is not needed on your lawn and if you follow the program that I outlined in this post, you should have an excellent lawn. If you have a sunny lawn, look at the May 27th date and choose your product carefully. For sunny lawns, I recommend the 19-0-6 Fertilizer + Dimension over the 21-0-11 Fertilizer + Momentum. This is because it will double your crabgrass protection and extend it deeper into the summer as well. For weeds, you can purchase a 1 gallon pump up sprayer and some Eliminate-D liquid concentrate (Sold at Lesco/John Deere Landscapes stores).

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