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    Are there any resources out there that do a step-by-step on how to build your own turf skid sprayer? Website, book, mag, etc?

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    I don't know of any, but it's really not hard to put together a single tank unit.
    Talk to either of the sources I posted before. Tell them what you want to do & they should help you with ordering parts and talk you through building one.

    Anyone have any good photos to share showing details of their skid sprayer?
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    Westinghouse has a high pressure lawn sprayer kit with D-30 pump gearbox and all the hoses and fittings you will need. There are instructions included. You can get a tank at Rural King, Tractor Supply etc. Get a Hanny hose electric hose reel, don't get a manual, you will hate it quickly. Give your self a week or two to get it all rigged up the way you like it. You will still be close to 3 grand when you are done.

    It would be cheaper to find a used Space Saver or similiar, they go for $1500, check craigslist.

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