Bluestone compaction question

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Katwalk, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Katwalk

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    Installing a bluestone patio using 18" X 18" X2" thick bluestone. Base is set at 10" of 3/4"minus aggregate and has been fully compacted in lifts. Bluestone will be set in sand. I know and would never run the compactor over the bluestone like with pavers, how do you get that good compaction into the bedding sand on a bluestone job. Thanks for any input.
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    Basically, we use a rubber mallet and pound them in place. When you dry lay them, there is not too much you can do. That is why we offer a one year adjustment package on bluestone patios. We go back and spend a couple of hours adjusting the flags and they get charged based on the sq. ft. of the patio. Usually a couple hundred bucks or so.

  3. Katwalk

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    I know why we like paver installs!!!!! This bluestone is alot tougher to do. We learned that the "dead blow" rubber mallet is not the tool for this job as we have broken several pieces before switching to a smaller, lighter rubber mallet. Looks nice, but a sh.. load of time. Any other recommendations are always welcome. :waving:

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