Bluetooth Ear Protection Headset


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I am looking for a hearing protection headset that has bluetooth capabilites. Not looking to spend a mint. What is the best set for the price? Ideally I would like the following features.

Rechargable battery
AM/FM radio
Microphone to answer cell phone calls (not required, but preferable)

Something like this:

Yep I bought the exact model that you posted the link for.


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Im looking for something similar. Has anyone tried the 3m bluetooth earmuffs?
I just ordered these and they arrived yesterday. Playing around with them for a few minutes, they seem to be pretty good. I will use them this friday(weather permitting). I cut for two hours. I will be using mainly to streaming pandora via bluetooth. Will let everyone know how it goes. Maybe I'll test the FM as well.

I actually purchased these( at first but they hurt my ears bad after about an hour. Also they didn't seem to make a good seal. Whenever it turned my head, it was almost like I was pulling them away from my head and letting the sound in. It was very annoying.


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I just bought a set of the 3M ones. Good sound, maybe slightly better fm reception, bluetooth works fine, a little complicated with the options/buttons but be ok once used to them. Unsure about battery life but probably not as good as the standard Worktunes. BT obviously uses more power. Im using fairly old rechargeable batteries atm. I only need them for a few hours a week and dont see a problem.
An issue some might have, knowing how loud ztrs can be is the volume is quite low. Thats good for your ears though. I have to have volume on phone at max and max out the muffs volume. Not a deal breaker for me by any stretch but just saying. They would be fine trimming, blowing etc.
They are heavier than the standard Worktunes. The band that goes over the head can get hot but there is a removable pad to improve ventilation. I will be trying them with and without that pad.
Sound is great with 3 equalized settings. Rock setting is good. HEAPS and I mean HEAPS better than the standard WT's. There is bass after all!

Would I recommend? Early days but I'll go out on a limb and say yes! I live and work in a low reception area so radio is cr@p. I used to plug my phone in sometimes but around branches etc was a pain. Now I can leave the phone safe on the mower and pick up sticks etc without worrying about dropping phone etc.


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So you like it? Can you take/answer calls? Can you wear a hat/cap and safety glasses with it comfortably?
You can hear if someone is calling or texting but you cannot answer calls. I wear safety sunglasses and a John Deere cap and the headset is comfortable to me. They are better than the 3M Work Tunes I was using.