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    You're the one bitching about how customers call you all the time and how irritating it has been for you.....

    You wrote:
    So I was just explaining that if you don't want that to happen, then get a regular business line like almost every other legitimate business in the United States does.

    And yes, my advice is give more toward people who are trying to establish a respected, professional business. I fully realize there are plenty of lawn jockeys in our industry who just go out and mow in T-shirts and cut-offs instead of professional uniforms, drive around in trucks that aren't professionally lettered, don't have any kind of recognizable logo, brand imaging or website and are just out to make a few bucks mowing lawns for a small group of clients who don't care as much about image, knowledge or professionalism as they do about how cheap of a lawn care dude they can get. And many of these guys are solo ops that really don't give a rats a$$ about image or professionalism and don't really care to ever grow beyond just a rinky dink operation. I fully realize there's plenty of guys in our industry like that. So when I am giving advice about answering the phone, having a separate line, etc. I am not talking to guys in that category. Obviously, guys in that category are already doing things just like they want to, don't want to change, and don't want any advice from guys like me. I understand that. So ignore it if it doesn't fit you. I's just trying to tell you how the professional companies do it. If you're not interested, then keep running things the way you are. Just don't complain about it then.

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    are you solo duekster?
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    I am not Solo. I have 3 full time, a part time, myself and my wife to assist.
    Trying to grow right now. Painful as it is. :waving:

    I do the squirt and fert and Irrigation. I have to be( required) on-site/insight for irrigation work...

    Not required but if it is out of the ordinary, I have to be there to manage.
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    Yes, you are right. However, I don't need a land line to screen calls. It is as simple as telling my smart phone not to ring unless you are on a group contact list. Takes only about 5 seconds to change that, which I intend to start doing. If your not on my screened caller list, you go straight to voice mail. I carry a cell with me 24/7 in case of family emergencies. Some in my family are in bad health. For a larger operation, yes you will need a land line and someone to answer it. For the smaller guys, a cell is the way to go in my opinion and has nothing to do with whether you are professional or not.
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    no he's NOT right.

    I can think of PLENTY of businesses in the united states where the business phone is a cell phone of the owner.

    hell most people don't even have a landline in there house anymore. cell phones on the way of this time.

    forget all these extra lines, home lines, business lines, fax lines, multipul cell lines.

    1 phone, 1 number for all business and personal needs.
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    He was right about my "bitching". Didn't really think it was bitching, just conversation to me.
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    he might be right about the bitching but I don't think he's right about how many businesses have a seperate business line.

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