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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by FOL, May 18, 2009.

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    The state of Florida is starting throughout counties making sure everyone is getting certified in how to apply fert. properly. "BMP Fertilization, Is what they are calling it". This course was offered through the extension office's. Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinnellas counties as of the end of the year they are saying that everyone must be certified.

    They talked about leaching, runoff, etc, etc...

    Now wouldn't you think they would talk about adding OM, "We all know the benefits". Sadly to say, no. All I could do all day was just think, "what are these people doing". Am I wrong to think this way?

    BIOLOGY was never mentioned, "what is going on"?

    Give me thoughts on this.
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    You have to remember these guys have "what is the current law" on their minds almost exclusively. They are not teaching a college course

    Go here and follow some of the BMP's that they reference

    If no one speaks up and says "hey guys, in BMP so and so you mention best practices which includes compost applications" they won't talk about it. They are trying to get everyone compliant and aware of the law before they have to go out and fine them for breaking it
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    Bill, you kinda know me. Trust me, I spoke up. My response was, "if that is what you like to do, than do it". These guys just spoke of how to apply fert properly. Why though, would they not mention things like adding OM, just made me scratch my head. They are so worried about runoff, leaching, and our sandy soils. It would seem to be one of the best solutions to this problem. Even on the link that you posted in mentions nothing on adding OM. What is the deal with these people?
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    They are fertilizer police, the only thing they know is florida law and that is what they are trying to enforce. The seminars are an outreach program designed to inform and teach the new Florida "law" which is mostly about new restrictions in the "fertilizer laws".

    As I suggested before, you should reach out to them and ask why alternatives to synthetic fertilizers are not part of the outreach program. They will probably tell you that soil amendments are not part of the outreach and that they are trying to teach compliance

    You are asking what is up with these guys and I am trying to tell you their perspective, wether you can change their perspective is another thing

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