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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Barge Man, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Junior M

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    you've told us that like 200 times!
  2. 93turbo

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    So the unemployement rate here is almost 11% so whats your point.

    Oh crap now I've sunk to one upping GR :hammerhead::dizzy:

    If we all would just ignore GR he wouldn't have anyone to one up or complain to besides himself so he would probably self destruct trying to one up himself :laugh::laugh::cool2::cool2::waving:
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Well why do you think I'am not working in the construction industry is is dead.

    The reason why its dead is because the USA is so screwed up and the IDIOT George Bush that put such high taxes on Canadian wood sold the USA it hurt many jobs in this area.

    Once you had to start buying wood cut in the USA it doubled the cost to build your houses in the USA.

    Ohwell you guys have bigger problems in the USA next year China will have full controll of you guys. Obama will give up and hand over the keys to China and say here you go. You guys don't have any industry left in the USA. Look at the problems you have take off the blinders and look at how much money you guys give to china. Vehicals are mostly chinese any american vehicals are mexican.

    Yep watch 2010 when the USA becomes CHINUSA.

    Junior you will be head stock boy in Walmart. "Attention Walmart shoppers big boy underwear is on half price"

    The marine construction company my brother works for are hurting pretty good go from doing 2 million dollar jobs to nothing my brother is laid off.

    As for living in my parents basement I have said many times I can't afford the 1200 dollars a month rent. Very very few places to rent anything that does come on the market is gone in a couple hours. House prices are not going down either anything less than 300,000 is non existant.

    So I have a choice live in a tent in a camp ground or live in my parents basement I will live in my parents basement.

    As I said many times the retired people that moved in this area pretty much said f*** you younger generation get out and drove the cost of living real high. At the point now if you don't make 80-100 grand a year you have no chance of living here.
  4. skidster32

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    you are probably one of the most ignorant person i have ever met! and i have never even met you. i can just tell buy reading your posts. All you do is cry about how much you hate your job and how bad the economy is in BC.....reality check NO ONE CARES!! I'm 21 years old I'm doing just fine. I cut trees for municipality, I just purchased a house and am moving out of my parents basement in about a month. when are you going to move out? Quit crying and ragging on people on on here and be greatful you have a job to wake up and go to everyday, because i know plenty of people that would love to have a job right now. have a great day everyone!:usflag:
  5. Junior M

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    lets take a poll, how many of you guys see me working at Walmart in 5 years?
  6. stuvecorp

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    :nono: Lets not wreck BM's thread...

  7. Barge Man

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    Well lets get back on track, and I apologize for maybe stirring something up. Don't worry Junior I would pick you up before Wall mart:laugh:

    Here are some pictures from this week doing some utility hookups

    phone 5 015.jpg

    phone 5 016.jpg

    phone 5 017.jpg

    phone 5 018.jpg

    phone 5 019.jpg
  8. Barge Man

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    Two more of extending our parking lot

    phone 5 013.jpg

    phone 5 014.jpg
  9. Gravel Rat

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    As for callling me ignorant is calling the kettle black for Americans who are the most ignorant people on the planet some of you think there is igloos in Canada.

    Anyhow that said I do like seeing the different ways of doing things. As in what BM is doing it isn't something done here on lakes.

    So keep posting pictures BM it is intersting. For the people I have worked for we never had time to take pictures of the jobs we worked on. Homeowners wonder why you are snapping pictures on their dime.
  10. ARP

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    BM- excuse the interruption here, but what size tracks do you have on your 315CL? 24" or 28"?

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