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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Barge Man, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Barge Man

    Barge Man LawnSite Senior Member
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    If your dad fliped a barge load of only 100 ton I hope it was a very small barge. Also in your video the water looks smoother than the lakes we work on almost every day.
  2. Gravel Rat

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    That video I showed has a tide rip of 14 knots the whirl pools that form where that barge flipped are 30 feet in diameter they can swallow your tug or barge whole. It is one of the strongest tidal rapids in the world. You get sucked down into a whirl pool your never seen again. That tug was going on slack tide which has a 3 knot current which made that barge shift and it pulled the tug over. That barge in the you tube video can hold over 1000 ton it carries 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the hull.

    There was a boat load of Asians that got sucked down they were in a 12 foot tin boat it flipped over. Their bodies were found a year later or pieces of their bodies the sea lice ate what ever wasn't covered with clothes.

    Trust me Bargeman your operation is very very small scale to what I have worked with. I think you would crap yourself if you seen what barges and tugs go through out here on the West Coast.

    The barge that flipped on dad was 32x70 8 feet deep no sides on it the sand was piled in the middle. The tug towing the barge was 45 feet long with 350hp. Barges here are not moved with outboards you need horsepower to deal with wind and heavy weather.

    I do like seeing your pictures so don't get me wrong. Working on a lake is much easier than what we have to deal with out here on the Coast. I don't think your lake has water that is over 500 feet deep some places its deeper.

    Boats that have sunk they cave in and colasp from the water pressure.
  3. DeereMan85

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    GR = Bill Brasky
  4. tnmtn

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    in the video shown it appears the tug was "tripped" this is a term that means the tow wire takes the tug down when the momentum of the barge overtakes the lateral speed of the tug. then when the tow wire comes tight it starts dragging the tug sideways the pivot point being above deck it drags the wireside in this case starboard side down where the water drag trips it once the deck is awash. there may have been some current influence but that should have been accounted for ahead of time. as far as boat eating whirlpools don't think that had anything to do with it.
    good luck,
  5. tnmtn

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    in this link you will see a grey hulled boat. i am a plank owner on this one. this is a typical tow. towing tandem to move a drilling rig to a new location. once at location one of the tugs will break off tow and become a tail tug towing opposite the other tug to position the rig. once there the boats begin running out the anchors for the rig. the rig will use winches to fine tune getting on position.
    have fun
  6. AEL

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    Gr seriously, I am sure that you know more then anybody in the entire world about barges,trees,trucks,how to really scare women, tires, machines,rock, trees, firewood,how to hack porn sites, the economy etc etc but please! Dont run your mouth like a know it all , and stop hi-jacking quality threads such as Barge mans! This is all I am asking for this Christmas!
  7. Craaaig

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    GR is the great one upper, it's getting quite old
  8. Barge Man

    Barge Man LawnSite Senior Member
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    This one is a picture of our orginal setup when we first started almost 3 years ago. Rocking the skate shoes:cool2:

  9. nedly05

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    Skate shoes...seriously??? Must be a barge thing, skate shoes, dock shoes, real men like Gravel Rat wear work boots.

    I'm kidding, but I think you knew that! A company next town over specialized in marine work, they have a 160 Volvo with a casson pounder, that stays pretty busy. One of the the operators was telling me when he was younger and it was going to be a hot day he would wear swim short to work and at lunch time he would jump right off the track and go for a swim!
  10. Ground Effects NH

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    It’s so sad to see a little boy”GR” cry out for attention, very sad.:help:

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