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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by newguy123, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I agree with Memphis, a lead is not a referral. If someone is handing out crap leads, membership committee needs to be made aware and they will (if it's truly a good group) bounce that member.

    I've been in BNI since 2009. If you're considering it you really need to visit multiple chapters before deciding. I joined the first chapter I visited and it was just ok. A year later I visited my current chapter and immediately quit my old seat and applied. It's been a huge part of growing my business, and it gave me exposure to a market I wouldn't have cracked so easily. Today was my keynote, and I rolled out a new product line I'm dealing with this year, and I got qualified referrals for 3 outdoor kitchens. Worth $365/yr? I'd say so.

    According to BNI, the attendance policy is in place because they examined chapters with different standards, and found that those where members showed up weekly passed the most business. You can also send a sub, and the sub doesn't have to be an employee of your company. I have a speaking engagement next week and can't make the meeting, so I have a photographer subbing for me.

    I've done less formal leadshare groups through the chamber of commerce, and they were a joke. People get so caught up in being "the anti-BNI" that there's no structure and nothing gets done.

    Anyhow, newguy - have you been to a meeting?
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    Yes ,I do get go referrals,just about a guaranteed sale if you were referred to someone. I use the group for myself just as much. We needed a new boiler for our home. We had a heating guy and gave me a kick ass deal.Saved almost 3k on that alone ,same with my printing supplies,guy in our group,and a few other.
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    newguy - awesome, sounds like a good group. Def look at a few and make sure you feel like it's a good fit. You're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you. If you have other questions feel free to PM me or email me through my website, happy to help.
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    Thanks PaperCutter, will do. By the way, I like the work you have displayed on your website, those patios, etc. look awesome!
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    Thanks! We have a lot of fun and work with some really cool clients.
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    This a good point mate. You are saving a nice chunk of money

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