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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by B2E, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I am going to rebuild a boat slip with a lift, swimming dock, with a deck above the boat lift. There will also be a pathway of some sort, (have not made up our minds yet stone, wood stairs etc...) Will be several sets of stairs, would like at least two landings with enough space for a couple of chairs or a bench at each. Total path distance 100' +- with at least 40' feet of drop to the lake from the house. I really want to set this off with lights, I have options for moonlighting, stair lighting what ever lighting.
    The house is on Smith Mountain Lake, Franklin county VA. Since we own it, I want to do the work myself. I have searched for some reference material to get some lighting ideas. So far not a lot of luck.
    Can any of you please provide me some sources? I have been reading the posts here over the last month, looking at the photos there are some very impressive works here and a lot of knowledge.

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    If you have the trees to allow for moonlighting, that is the way to go. By placing a couple of 20 watt MR16 lamps with a 60 degree beam spreads high in the canopy of a large tree, you can replicate that full moon look and have path lights going along the walkway and looking like a runway.
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    Mr. Gosselin
    Thank you for the information. Would you be able to suggest any good publications I could get some ideas from? I am a long way from being able to do this type of work professionally, but I would like to get their eventually. Have a few Guinna pigs available to practice on.
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    Try "Garden Lighting" by John Raine. It's covers a lot of design and techniques.

    Good luck with your project.
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    lets see some pics!

    Path lights staggered would work and as paul said moonlighting it would look cool.. If your going to put a railing on it some deck lights would also look nice. Rememeber extra light on any wierd areas like turns in stairs ect.

    I think paul has some really cool dock fixtures. cant rememeber if he mentioned em but I know he is a distributor for them that would look great on a dock.

    Do you have a local distributor your going to use or any brand your partial to ? Whatever you use dont cheat yourself you wont be happy and you will be replacing it. Use quailty materials and do quality work. Solder all connections and weather proof everything
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    I've recently updated the CAST Lighting gallery and added two new categories, docks and stairs that can give you some ideas. You'll find these categories under the Architecture section. PM me if you want specifics about the fixtures used and other details.

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    I included some pictures as it is now. This place is a MAJOR!! overhaul. This house has been empty for a couple of years, and the previous occupant did absolutely nothing to the place for several years before that.
    We do not plan to skimp on costs, not going to waist money, but are planning on 45 - 60K for the rebuild. And the boat house and walk way are the second largest planned expense.

    As for local distributor/installer, still researching that. We really want to do everything possible ourselves. We can build it, wire it, landscape it with no problems. But I am really hung up on this lighting issue. From what I have seen around us no one else has done much of anything and I want to set ours apart.

    Thanks for the assistance.

    Area 1.JPG

    Bottom Up.JPG

    From Top 1.JPG

    From Top 2.JPG

    Top Down.JPG
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    just my opinion here...

    Its a great property. Very relaxed looking. I would rebuild the stairs out of wood and install a nice railing with deck lighting down it and you can add some moonlighting in some of thoes trees. Set it off around the dock by building a great boathouse and lighting it up neat. It depends on your plans for the boat house as to which way you light that. If you plan on keeping this place for many years why not consider using composite material instead of real wood on the decking. No splinters no cracking no rotting. If its not feesible due to cost then use whatever.

    Your going to need to run wires down there unless there is power down there for a trans so plan on using a good amount of 10ga wire.
  9. B2E

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    If we go the wood route we would like to use the composite decking material. Have not run any #'s on that yet. And I have to run electric service to the dock for the boat lift, so there will be plenty of power available.
    As for how long we keep it, well that would depend on the market and how bad someone wants to beat us with a checkbook.

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    b2e, the ideas you will get will be all over the map. My advice to you would be to build you dream dock/steps/etc, then resubmit those pictures and you will get better advice. Allow $2000.00 (low end) $4000.00 (high end) in your budget for lighting ( that's with you doing the labor). You will get good advice here on how to install on an existing structure because that's what at least I deal with 98% of the time. Build it and they will come :)

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