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Bob Cat 873


LawnSite Member
ON Canada
Looking at buying a 1996 873 needs head gasket and has 4000hrs.

Does anyone know how much a repair is for this?

Is this a sign I should stay away from this machine?

I don't want to be burned.

Asking price is $13,000.00 CDN or $9,800.00 USD


LawnSite Bronze Member
A 1996 model year 873 is pretty old... Bobcat came out with the 873 in 1995. I would suggest against going for an 873 that's nearly $10,000 that has 4000 hrs. Would suggest looking at a newer, G-series 873 that has, say, 2500 hours. Just my two cents.


LawnSite Senior Member
Parkton NC
The head gasket problem on the air cooled Duetz motors is pretty common. 4000 on any skid steer is ALOT! and at 10 k, thats ALOT of cash! Steer clear and find a better deal on a newer machine.