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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    After I finished up this afternoon, I was close by the local Kubota dealer so I thought I would swing by to see if a ZD28 w/60" pro deck had came in yet. Well it had not, but the dealer now has several new Bob-Cats in.

    I looked at a price tag on one out of curiosity and to my surprise it read $6,995. Now get this, the tag was attached to a ZT-223, which is a 23hp Kawi unit. This one had a 61" deck, suspension seat and a canister air filter on the Kawi.

    Compared to my Kees, the deck looked rather shallow, and with the 23/61 combo it might be a tad weak, but otherwise it seemed to be a very nice package for the money.

    I just thought I would post this for those that might be looking for a nice package at a bargain price v/s other brands. If you are searching for that fall season bargain, you might want to take one for a spin to see how it does.
  2. Bunton Guy

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    The 23 is not underpowered AT ALL. Also depends on what your cutting. But for us southern boys cutting Fescue, rye & Bermuda it is a nice combo.
  3. dougmartin2003

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    those of us that has work in the construction bussiness knows bobcat is a very good brand
  4. rodfather

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    My dealer is offering a Ferris 1000Z (no independent suspension) with a 23 hp kawi, 61 inch deck for $6100. Not too shabby IMO...
  5. Mowingman

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    My first ZTR was a Bobcat. It was a great machine , and even back in 96, when I bought it, it was priced well below other brands. That was one tough, dependable machine. If we still had any dealers around here, I would still be running bobcats.
    dougmartin2003, Bobcat mowers are not made by the same company as Bobcat construction machinery. They are tough machines though.:)
  6. battags

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    Mowingman is right. Ingersoll Rand - Bobcat is not the same at Textron - Bobcat.

    Bunton Guy is also right. The 23hp Kaw has more than enough power for that machine. Personally I would have gone with the Kohler, but that too is a matter of personal preference.

  7. Spend the extra money get the Lazer, well worth the extra money. 27hp on a 60" deck means more cutting done in the spring.

    Time = money.
  8. chariot1964

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    I agree bobcat is a good mower, I have a 48" wb with 15 kawi
    that is a stronger cutting mower than my 52" GD chariot ztr
  9. imalandscper

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    i have a 2002 bobcat 54" with an 18 briggs and I am totally impressed and pleased with it....Never buy another machine again!!!
  10. Say that after you run a Lazer.

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