Bob-cat hydraulic oil resevoir

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by anrick, Jan 19, 2013.

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    After noticing slow movement with my bob-cat 52" lawnmower i said its probably time to change the hydraulic oil, when i remove the reservoir cap and drain the oil i noticed some buildup at the bottom of the tank so i decided to wash it out. While doing this one on the hose lines becomes block so i tried to clear it with a piece of stiff copper wire and come to find out it wont go through at all, its as if something on the inside of the tank stopping it, do these reservoir normally come fitted with additional items on the inside maybe an additional filter. any help would be great.
    The model is 942214E 2005
  2. pugs

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    There could be 90's or some other fittings after the nipple on the tank. One of the hoses hooks up to the filter which is on the side of the tank somehow. I never paid much attention to an empty tank as to how those fittings come in.

    How do you know one of the lines is blocked?

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